Baldwin Brothers issue open challenge for December 5th
Mister Crister

Mister Crister regains CEO position

Once again Mister Crister is CEO of Right Coast Pro after Chris 'The Show' Steeler defeated Aaron Stide and Mister Crister received five minutes alone with Clarke Kelly inside the steel cage

Your New Heavyweight Champion Chris 'The Show' Steeler

In a grueling twenty minute see-saw battle inside a steel cage, Chris 'The Show' Steeler flew off the top of the steel cage in 'Super Fly' fashion & then managed to deliver a super kick to the jaw of Aaron Stride knocking the former champ out cold to get the pinfall!

Baldwin Brother crowned RCP Tag Team Champions

In a stellar, once in a lifetime, ladder match with four top tag teams the Baldwin Brothers emerged victorious not only winning the Tag Team Championship, but be the first Tag Team ever to hold the beautiful & brand new RCP Tag Team Belts

Next Event: December 5th Right Coast Pro Wrestling

RCP26 TURNTABLE RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Benefit Entertainment Event

Tickets are now on sale for December 5th 'Turn Table' Event

Tickets Single Dec2015

Miss Our Last Event? Get caught up with Mascot Coastee's Top 15

RCP Tag Team Championship Ladder Match

Right Coast Pro Soccer

RightCoastPro Soccer Clinics Delaware

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Past Event Show Recaps featuring Pictures from Stiehl Photography

Announcer Battle: Wilson vs Rose

Intergender Match: BTY vs Not So Average Joe's

Aaron Stide finds out he is in a Cage Match

Pre Match Interview: Hall of Famer Fontaine & Disco Dave

Ladder Match: The Baldwin Brothers

Tea Party in Right Coast Pro?

RCP Event News

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