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Cheetah Master vows revenge on Baldwin Brothers!
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RightCoastPro Wrestling “Hall Of Fame” Results from 4/11/15 – Newark, Delaware


Quick Results:

• The “Legendary” Chick Magnets (Mozart Fontaine, Brian Soscia, Mike Tobin) were inducted into the RightCoastPro Hall Of Fame by surprise inductor Delaware wrestling icon Jim Kettner.

• “God’s Gift” Aaron Stride retains his Heavyweight Championship over Colton Quest

• “Mercenary” Nick Sohlo takes the #1 Contender spot after defeating Chris “The Show” Steeler

• “The Prince of Aesthetics” Damian Gibbs takes the win over Joey Silver • Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush beats the Night Shift Entertainment group of Ruby Rubino and new comer “Distinguished Gentleman” Ben Cromwell

• Bazooka Joe takes the win over “Untouchable” Anthony Bowens

• “Latin Lover” Chachi gets the pin on Courageous Cruz

• “Heavyweight” Sean Royal takes the win over Harry M. Baldwin after kicking both of his brothers, Jerry J. Baldwin and Brutus C. Baldwin out of the ring


- The night was threaded with a star-studded list of well wishes to the “Chick Magnets” coming from top wrestling talent that emerged from Delaware! Our special guests that dropped in started out with our Inaugural Hall Of Fame Inductee King Mega, followed by Simon Diamond, Cheetah Master, Robbie E, Freak Nasty, WWE Referee Shawn Bennett, and Christopher Daniels. The evening then culminated with the induction of Mozart Fontaine, Mike Tobin and Brian Soscia into the RightCoastPro Hall Of Fame presented by Delaware Wrestling Icon, Jim Kettner. The plaques were presented by company owners JJ & Lisa Johnston as the entire roster and crew surrounded the ring as the “Legendary” Chick Magnets were bestowed their honor. Truly a night that will be remembered in the history books!


- “God’s Gift” Aaron Stride retains his championship title over Colton Quest in a painful battle for Quest. We saw earlier in the show footage of Quest getting his knee banged up with a pipe by “Latin Lover” Chachi. We’re positive that CEO Clarke Kelly had something to do with this as he promises his champ, Aaron Stride, that this match will be easy for him. Stride takes a commanding lead even without BFF Josh Maddoxx by his side. Quest had a few offensive moves but was totally off his game working with just one good knee. With mounting concern by Referee Larry Peace, Quest managed to climb to the top rope for his finishing frog splash. Instead, he found himself in an unfortunate position on the top ropes after his knee gave out. Referee Larry Peace forced the stoppage of the match due to Quests injury and awarded Stride the win.


- “Mercenary” Nick Sohlo wins the #1 Contender spot in a surprise upset of fan favorite Chris “The Show” Steeler. Sohlo sent reluctant manager Sebastian Night backstage because he wanted to win fair and square all on his own. It was a hard hitting strength vs speed match-up where every quick kick by Steeler was countered by a power move from Sohlo. Even though they were best friends at one point in time, now was not the time to be cordial with the Championship Match on the line! After a pretty even battle ensued, arrogant Aaron Stride makes an entrance causing a distraction for Steeler. Sohlo is able to capitalize on the distraction and take Steeler down for the pin. If that wasn’t enough chaos, Sebastian Night re-enters with goons in tow to launch an attack on Sohlo. Night claims he will not let Sohlo go to the Championship round without him! Stride then jumps in on the action and attacks Stride. Sohlo manages to pull Stride off Steeler and gives Stride the slam of a lifetime. As Stride lies lifeless, Sohlo and Steeler exchange a handshake and Steeler acknowledges Sohlo’s accomplishment. Is this a sign of things to come with Steeler and Sohlo on the same side? Did Stride really get laid out that easily by his next competitor?


- Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush adds another win to his current winning streak. This time he defeated 2 of Sebastian Nights cohorts in Ruby Rubino and new comer Ben Cromwell “The Distinguished Gentleman” in a 2-on-1 match. Cromwell was a last minute substitute by manager Sebastian Night as he claims CEO Clarke Kelly was not paying originally scheduled Bobby Wayward his contractual salary. Both Rubino and Cromwell are much larger men than Rush, yet Rush was able to dominate the match over the both of them. With his speed and agility, the larger men could not keep up with Rush and eventually Rubino succumbed to the pin after Rush hits both competitors with a beautiful springboard somersault plancha.


- Bazooka Joe gets the win over a more evenly matched opponent in “Untouchable” Anthony Bowens. Bowens being a much bigger, stronger competitor than Bazooka Joe’s former competitors started out the bout with a test of strength that neither would give in to. Both men with a hard hitting, relentless style went toe to toe for a full 10 minutes with no breaks in the action. In the end, Bowens was about to hit his finishing maneuver, when Joe spun him around and landed a quick roll up with a fist full of tights for the pin


- “Latin Lover” Chachi managed to get the win over the high-flying Courageous Cruz. Somehow, Chachi and his outrageous antics got him the lead in the match. Even after Salsa dancing, bringing a chair into the ring, and taking some rough top-rope maneuvers from Cruz, Chachi still managed to come out with the win. One trip for Chachi to the top rope is all it took to end the match clean with a frog splash and Cruz being carried out of the ring by security.


-“Prince of Aesthetics” Damian Gibbs took the match over Joey Silver with the help of a jump rope. Yes, Gibbs, we saw that tucked away in your tights! Gibbs started out by rudely interrupting the intermission singer and offering his own rendition of “aesthetically pleasing vocal chords” (his words, not ours!). Much to the chagrin of the fans, he then proceeded to degrade them and offer jump ropes to all of the folks he felt were out of shape. Out comes Joey Silver to end the monotony and get the match going in the ring. With a quick jump start, Silver had the early lead and Gibbs was on the defensive. Feeling cornered, Gibbs pulled out the extra jump rope and did some damage to Silver behind the ref’s back. A quick roll-up caught Joey off guard and ended the match quickly in Gibbs’ favor.


- “Heavyweight” Sean Royal gets the victory over Harry M. Baldwin and both of his newly introduced brothers, Jerry J. Baldwin and Brutus C. Baldwin. While the match was officially only a 1-on-1, all three Baldwins came to the arena dressed in fake bowtie and tux outfits just to mock the Chick Magnets! Royal, being good friends with the Magnets wasn’t going to let these buffoons have their fun. He snuck into the back of the arena and jump started the match with Harry M. Baldwin, taking him of his game right from the start. We saw a little 3 stooge’s action going on here which really distracted Harry more than helped him. Royal ended up getting the pin after the 3 Baldwins botched yet another attempted stunt to stop Royal!


Next Event: May 16th, 2015 Join us as #1 Contender “Mercenary” Nick Sohlo challenges Champion “God’s Gift” Aaron Stride for his title! State of Delaware Advertising permit #263

The Legendary Chick Magnets Inducted into the Right Coast Pro Hall of Fame





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A Trio of Future Hall of Fame "Hopefulls" Debuts

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