Whatever it takes
Boy's & Girl's Club

Pro Wrestling Returns to the Boys & Girls Club

We are back to pack the seats and bleachers at the Greater Newark Boy's & Girls Club Saturday March 5, 2016! Ticket & Ticket Specials are on sale now! Delaware Advertising Permit for the event is #294

BTY Dominates

BTY looks to Dominate the ranks of Right Coast Pro March 5th

Huge 6 person tag team match announced by CEO Mister Crister for March 5, Chris 'The Show' Steeler + 'The Heavyweights' vs BTY and rumor has it the Heavyweight Title is on the line!

TagTeam Controversy

Tag Team Belt Controversy

Just who are the rightful Tag Team Champions now? Studio 54 or The Baldwins? Will the titles be decided by legalities and paperwork or action in the ring?

Online Tickets Sales are up for March 5th's Event

 Tickets 148 500

Next Event: Saturday March 5th 7pm Right Coast Pro Wrestling


Street team banner RightCoastPro Wrestling 1200

Miss Our Last Event? Check out the amazing Karate Demo performed by Newark Kenpo Karate

Past Event Show Recaps featuring Pictures from Stiehl Photography

Street team banner RightCoastPro Wrestling 1200

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