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Stride Snitsky RCP31 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

In a bizarre turn of events, Aaron Stride enacts is rematch clause nearly one year to the date and thanks to Big Gene Snitsky manages to capture the Right Coast Pro Championship for a third time, much to the disbelief of pro wrestling fans in Delaware.

 Stride 1 RCP31 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

Many believed, after over a decade in the business, God’s Gift Aaron Stride’s time has come and he was ready to lay down the headband and retire from professional wrestling forever.

Stride 2 RCP31 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

The fans, for the first time ever chanted his name in a very respectful send off. However, Aaron Stride had other plans announcing that before he retired he was due a rematch with the RCP Champion Chris Steeler. CEO Mister Crister refused Stride his demands, and paid the price. Stride viciously turned his aggression on Mascot Coastee.

Stride 3 RCP31 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

Stride 4 RCP31 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

Thankfully Chris Steeler came out to keep the beat down from being worse than it was, and demanding Mister Crister make the match right now between him and Stride.

Stride 5 RCP31 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

All was going in Steeler’s favor, until former WWE talent Big Gene Snitsky showed his true purpose for coming to RightCoastPro, to antagonize and remove the championship from Wrestling’s Man of Steel. The end result, God’s Gift Aaron Stride and his #BFF are now 3x #RCP Heavyweight Champions.

Stride 7 RCP31 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

Stride 8 RCP31 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

Stride 6 RCP31 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

How will this play out?

Find out live October 15th when Right Coast Pro Wrestling returns to the Boys and Girls Club of Delaware for another action packed night of family friendly, and affordable, sports and entertainment action. Delaware State Athletic Commission Advertising Permit #317

Flag 265 MascotBrigade Coastee Playground Sports Delaware

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Coastee is the fun loving, adventure seeking, monkey mascot for Right Coast Pro Wrestling in Delaware, and Renegade Training International as wells as Brigadier General for the Mascot Brigade  

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