Why Chachi?

What makes the Latin Lover Chachi a top RCP contender along with his love / hate fan relationship?



Rule Bender



LatinLover Chachi AthleteProfile RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

Machismo Style is what The Latin Lover Chachi brings to every Right Coast Pro Wrestling event in Delaware. At 6’-2”and 215 pounds this accomplished Central American professional wrestler has all the tools in his sporting arsenal to not only obtain the coveted RightCoastPro Heavweight Championship and the magnificent Top Rope Belt manufactured gold strap the goes with it, but to also look good while doing it.

Chachi 1200 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Festivus Event

No one can deny that the Latin Lover has the size, skill, and experience to gain RCP Gold, the question that is and always seems to be is will his vanity and love of women continue to hinder his objective. Time will tell, not any magical mirror on a wall.

Latin Lover Chachi a RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

Ladies, The Latin Lover Chachi and his patented hip swivel can be seen at The Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware for RightCoastPro. Need Tickets? Click Here: Tickets

The Latin Lover Chachi is a #MascotBrigade approved athlete, be sure to check out Coastee and his adventures in R-World at MascotBrigade.com

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