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Right Coast Pro Wrestling in Delaware presents Highlights from our 'Wrestling for Kicks' Kirkwood Youth Sports Benefit on November 11, 2017. Video Highlights:


Results featuring Great Stiehl Photography Photos:

RCP Heavyweight Champion, Former WWE Superstar Big Gene Snitsky vs The Definition of a Ring Technician Harry M Baldwin"


Winner Big Gene Snitsky - For More Great Stiehl Photo's of this match click here: Baldwin vs Snitsky

Contractor B RCP40 KirkwoodSoccer RightCoastProWrestling

NorangeOcho A RCP40 KirkwoodSoccer RightCoastProWrestling

Contractor #1 vs The Parisian Spaniard Luchador Norangé Ocho Winner: Norangé Ocho

Click Here for More Photos of this Match

Donavan A RCP40 KirkwoodSoccer RightCoastPro

KrazyKids C RCP40 KirkwoodSoccer RightCoastPro

The Foreign Powers vs America's Kraziest, Winner: America's Kraziest

Click Here for More Great Photos

 PedroDuro A RCP40 KirkwoodSoccer RightCoastPro

 WWF B RCP40 KirkwoodSoccer RightCoastPro

 Sir Spaulding's Savage WWF vs The Mexican Hardcore Champion Pedro Duro, Winner Wildlife William Fitz

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NOVAGT C RCP40 KirkwoodSoccer RightCoastPro


 Myles Millennium B RCP40 KirkwoodSoccer RightCoastPro

 Myles Millenium defeats NovaGT

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Powers Kids 9 RCP40 KirkwoodSoccer RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

Boris Graygory A RCP40 KirkwoodSoccer RightCoastProWrestling Delaware

Urie Graygory defeats The Legendary Chick Magnet Mozart Fontaine

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Mozart Boris 7 RCP40 KirkwoodSoccer RightCoastProWrestling Delaware

Mozart Boris 17 RCP40 KirkwoodSoccer RightCoastProWrestling Delaware

King of Kirkwood Battle Royale : Click Here for Pictures

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