Past Event Show Recaps featuring Pictures from Stiehl Photography

RCP-29 Right Coast Pro’s April 23, 2016 "Hungry" Event 

Our Contrast Course of the Night features a Tag Team Title Match! 

ContrastCourse HungryGames RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

It was all or nothing last month for the Heavyweights and they delivered by picking up both a victory and the number one contender spot for the Right Coast Pro Tag Team Championship, but can they stop the Baldwin Brothers April 23? 

"Mr. Upgrade Mike Reed" named Number 1 Contender! 

TheMainCourse HungryGames RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

After sabotaging Chris Steeler's car, hospitalizing Courageous Cruz, 'Mr. Upgrade' Mike Reed positioned himself perfectly in the Number 1 contender spot and for the RCP Heavyweight Championship Title. 

The Arrogant French Canadian Conoisseur is back in RCP! 

HungryGames aujus ProWrestling Delaware

It has been a few months since we have seen Zachary Pierre Beaulieu at Right Coast Pro, but April 23 he returns in a meaty matchup against Disco Dave who has been dishing out defeats to the RCP roster left and right. Win, lose or draw this is going to be one juicy match.  

No meal is complete without some Home Cooking! 

Web WWF Quest RCP29 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware HungryGames

Yes, we are serving up some meat & potatoes, pardon the pun, on April 23. BTY's Adam Chandler & Justin Pusser vs Colton Quest and Wildlife William Fritz in a pro wrestling competition that is seared to perfection. 

A Continental Cuisine will also be served at RCP's Hungry Games Event! 

Web tomahawk RCP29 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware HungryGames

The Native American Tomahawk will be making his debut against the always Hot and Spicy 'Latin Lover' Chachi. This pairing should make for an appetizing spectacle.  

The contents of this match are sure to be hot, hot, hot! 

TheAppetizer HungryGames RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

Last month the 'Turn't Up Superstar' dazzled the RCP Fans with his energy, this month however it will be one tall order to stand atop the podium once more as his opposition is none other than Number One Brian Johnson with the always dangerous Ms. Jasmine. 

The Hungry Games? Your guess as as good as ours! 

HungryGames RCP29 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

After last month's double countout, and Aaron Strides mishaps in the kitchen (thanks to Mascot Coastee) the challenges have been flying between these two camps and it has evidently come to this, The Hungry Games. Honestly we have no idea what it entails, what we do know is Aaron Stride & #BFF are behind its concept and evidently anything goes. 

Hungry Match 11 Cadence RCP28 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Event
Hungry Match 10 Cadence RCP28 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Event
Is it finally the end of the road for these two old school athletes? Find out live at 'Clarkes Cafe'

ClarkesCafe HungryGames RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

It has been a great run, but is it time? After coming up short in their quest for Tag Team Championship gold, the rumors have been swirling. We will find out live, in the middle of the ring, just what is next for The Legendary Mozart Fontaine & JJ “The Ring Crew Guy”. Will they continue to compete or step aside and hand the reigns off to the next generation of Right Coast Pro stars?

RightCoastPro rcp29 JJ crewguy MozartFontaine wrestling Delaware

RightCoastPro events always features a live presentation of the National Anthem, special appearances by RCP Mascot Brigade Leader Coastee, PLUS giveaways and lots of surprises!

It really is Fun for the whole family!

This is a high-impact, professionally produced show that is up close and action-packed featuring Elite Pros from up and down the Right Coast. Our family friendly entertainment shows are held in a comfortable and clean environment with, full concessions and close to home.

Top rated community event! Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club, 109 Glasgow Drive, Newark Delaware 19702

Doors open at 6:15pm - Belltime 7pm ADVANCED TICKET SALES HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


HungryGames Poster RCP29 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

 Strip 186 Bestof

Next Event? Pro Wrestling

Where? Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club

When? April 23, 2016 (permit #299)

Address? 109 Glasgow Drive, Newark Delaware 19702

Time? Doors Open 6:15pm, Belltime 7pm
Price? $20 adults, $10 Kids - See online ticket page for discounts!
Discount Packages? Yes, See Ticket Page or Click Here
Ages? All Ages, Family Friendly Event

Past Event Show Recaps featuring Pictures from Stiehl Photography

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Action packed, family fun for kids and adults! - Bob Q
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November 06, 2018
Whooooo! -Jim Stiehl
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The best LOCAL professional wrestling around! Top notch production and all around fun for the whole family! - Lisa
October 03, 2018
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