Past Event Show Recaps featuring Pictures from Stiehl Photography

Episode III – Nerd Power Edition of Project R – Right Coast Pro

RCP’s Project R ‘Character’ Contest Details:

Right Coast Pro has entered the ‘Multiverse’ with a very special ‘create a character’ competition. Using your favorite Video Game Platform, Digital Art Software, Paint, Pencil, or Drawing Tools, create your favorite RCP Character, Past or Present.

Give him or her a ‘Multiverse Makeover’ Take a picture of your creation Post on our Right Coast Pro Facebook Page: Or Twitter Page: Include: ‘Multiverse RCP Project R Contest’ in the post.

Winner will receive an RCP Prize Pack, Their image and signature posted on both our website and an upcoming RCP T-Shirt. Submissions must be in by May 1, 2020 You may also email, if preferred, to Lisa @

In this edition of Right Coast Pro’s Project R:

Full Pro Wrestling Match: Self Made Michael Blake w/ Guy vs Francis Kipland Stevens featuring WWE’s Shawn Bennett as Referee Loser gets a pie to the face from RCP-2

Full Match: Sir Spaulding’s Savage Wildlife William Fitz vs Dexter Boykins from RCP-61

Multiverse’s RCP Create a Character Contest Announcement

Cooped Up with Clarke Kelly Mustache Mulligan’s Quarantine tip #112

The Reverend Gabriel Otis Day with the Week’s Sermon,

Sergeant Intensity’s Heroes The ROTC with Ava & Brandon

Future Stars with Coach MJ

Home Schooling with Ms Pandimonium & Grungy Gary

Ask the Promoter with RCP Lisa

The Right-A-Way Pro Wrestling Tip with Coach Mozart Fontaine

Mascot Coastee with his usual shenanigans. Hosted by JJ ‘The Crew Guy’ Photos by Stiehl Photography of Delaware Support Local Business  .

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Past Event Show Recaps featuring Pictures from Stiehl Photography

Media Quotes

Action packed, family fun for kids and adults! - Bob Q
September 11, 2017
My favorite place to watch wrestling! - Linda T
December 01, 2017
Wrestling like I remember it from the Golden Age of Pro Wrestling in the 80's - Genevieve
November 06, 2018
Whooooo! -Jim Stiehl
March 08, 2018
The best LOCAL professional wrestling around! Top notch production and all around fun for the whole family! - Lisa
October 03, 2018
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