Urie Mozart 1 RCP51 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Urie Mozart 4 RCP51 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

It was a hard hitting affair that seemed to go in the Legendary Chick Magnet Mozart Fontaine’s favor, at least until Glamazon M decided to take issue with the referee.

HeavyweightChampionship 1 RCP51 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware


HeavyweightChampionship 4 RCP51 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

The Right Coast Pro Heavyweight Champion Colton Quest had his hands full facing the longest reigning RCP Heavyweight Champ – Chris Steeler! Steeler is back with a vengeance and did about everything he could muster to take the title back at RCP’s Delaware Professional Wrestling Event at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware.

ChildrensChamp 1200 Banner RCP51 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Pineapple Head King Kaluha made quite the return to Right Coast Pro Wrestling in Delaware at RCP-51 “A New Quest” Event.

whirly kaluha 1 RCP51 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

whirly kaluha 3 RCP51 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

This veteran of the squared circle made it perfectly clear he hates beards, kids and most of all wrestlers who look like their having fun! As a result King Kaluha met the perfect opponent,

KrazyKidsBanner1200 RCP51 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

KrazyKids 3 RCP51 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

The Force was strong Saturday Night at Right Coast Pro Wrestling in Delaware’s “A New Quest” Event at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware. While Money and the Monarchy continues to run away and refuse Number One contender Krazy Kids a RCP Tag Team Championship rematch,

Setsu 1200 banner RCP51 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

3way 4 RCP51 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

A Nor Easter fell upon the Right Coast during RCP’s “A New Quest” Event at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club forcing travel delays upon The Heavyweight Sean Royal. As a result the CEO Mister Crister changed the Olympus Championship Match into a three way and what a triple threat match it was!

It was a contest between two top ranked RCP Tag Teams at Right Coast Pro Wrestling in Delaware’s ‘New Quest’ Event at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware.

Former Tag Team and Individual Champions The Baldwin Brothers, The Definition of a Ring Technician Harry M Baldwin and Mr. Intensity Jerry Baldwin with Brother Brutus faced Dexter Boykin and Disco Dave D & D. In an encounter earlier in the night where the Krazy Kids were looking for Money and the Monarchy they found a rubber ducky instead.

3g Gibbs 1 RCP51 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Glamorous Glenn Gordon was on the search for a new manager – and possibly a new Glamazon after Right Coast Pro Wrestling in Delaware’s “New Quest” Event.

3g Gibbs 3 RCP51 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

3g Gibbs 2 RCP51 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

It was only moments after Glamorous Glenn Gordon made his entrance did Ref Nicki storm the ring and chase off Glamazon “M” from an earlier altercation.

A New Quest begins at Right Coast Pro with 3 Championship Matches and a Mission to Prove Quality Matters when it comes to Sports and Entertainment Options on Saturday Nights in Delaware!

Quest Steeler web RCP 51 RightCoastPro NewQuest

Right Coast Pro Heavyweight Championship Match: Champion “America’s Best” Colton Quest vs Chris “The Show” Steeler

Setsu Tomahawk web RCP 51 RightCoastPro NewQuest

RCP Olympus Championship Match: Champion “The Asian Assassin” Setsu Ginsu vs Tomahawk

Miss our 50th Event Celebration in December? Get caught up with Right Coast Pro Video's release of RCP-50 Highlights.


RCP-50 Right Coast Pro Wrestling in Delaware presents show highlights from its December 2010 "50th" Live Event Celebration.

This episode features America's Best Colton Quest winning the RCP Heavyweight Championship and the return of Chris "The Show" Steeler. Also featured are The Krazy Kids, Glamorous Glenn Gordon, Tag Team Champion - Money and the Monarchy, JustNeph, Brian Profit, Sean Royal, Tomahawk, Urie Graygory, Wildlife William Fitz, Prince al'Thor, Glamazon M, Ref Nicki, Pedro Duro, Mozart Fontaine, The Baldwin Brothers, Disco Dave, Dexter Boykin, Michael Massacre, The Jason Wilson Experience, Slade McCoy, Sebastian Night, Olympus Champion The Asian Assassin Setsu Ginsu with Clarke Kelly and more.

Visit our website regularly for all the latest news and event information. 

Tickets – Starting at $15 adult, $8 Kids online advance ($20/$10 at the door) – See Website – Click Here Family Pack

Discounts: Yes, See Website – Click Here

Delaware State Advertising Permit #410

Card is always Subject to Change when it comes to pro wrestling

This is an all ages, family friendly entertainment and sporting event and of course RCP’s Ambassador of Fun, Mascot Coastee and his Mascot Brigade will also be in attendance. 


1 KrazyKids RCP50 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

From your Right Coast Pro Wrestling Family, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We truly hope everyone finds time to 'Unplug' and enjoy time with family and/or Friends.

Whatever your plans be sure to make it Krazy Fun for all involved!

Memories last a lifetime!


3 HarryDexter RCP50 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Clearly outmatched physically, Dexter Boykin had to rely on nerd power to escape Right Coast Pro Wrestling in Delaware’s 50th Event Celebration with a victory.

Dexter 1 RCP50 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

4 HarryDexter RCP50 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

The Definition of a Ring Technician Harry M Baldwin has been searching for the key to regaining his momentum in RCP for months.

1 KrazyKids RCP50 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Twins 2 RCP50 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

An issue with the signatures on the RCP Tag Team Championship contracts left the Krazy Kids without a rematch for the Right Coast Pro Tag Team Championship at RCP’s 50th event celebration at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware. As a result of this technicality, Money and the Monarchy, bowed out of the contest instead choosing to face opponents of the their choosing.

7 KrazyKids RCP50 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Past Event Show Recaps featuring Pictures from Stiehl Photography

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