July 13th - Festivus featuring Quest for the Gold Tournament
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July 13th - Festivus featuring Quest for the Gold Tournament

Join us July 13th as we present 'Festivus 7' featuring Right Coast Pro's 'Quest for the Gold' Tournament Live at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware

RCP54 ProgramCard Results RightCoastPro

We started the show with a National Anthem performance by Cher Goodchild followed by a Ten Bell Salute for our Champion Colton Quest

RCP54 3 Cher Goodchild RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

RCP54 10 bell RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Sergeant Intensity defeated Sebastian's Wild Nights

RCP54 Banner sergeant Intensity RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Dexter Boykin defeated Harry M Baldwin

RCP54 1200 nerdpower RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Disco Dave defeated King Kaluha

RCP54 1200 Disco Kaluha RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Nein-9 with Sebastian Night defeated The Most Benevolent Man in Haiti Brian Profit and Stellar


The Asian Assassin Setsu Ginsu was forced to become Newark Kenpo Karate's Janitor after losing to Newark Kenpo's Demo Team with The Childeren's Champion Cecil Whirlwind

RCP54 NewarkKenpoKarate RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Urie Graygory won the heart of Miss Mercury along with the Triangle Threat Match against The Legendary Mozart Fontaine and Glamorous Glenn Gordon

RCP54 Urie Mercury RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

The Krazy Kids won the RCP Tag Team Championship by defeating The McCoys and then Nein-9

RCP54 KrazyKids1200 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Our Show Intro Video can be seen here:


Next Event is May 18th at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware 

1200Banner RCP55 HallofFame RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Event

RCP54 51 KrazyKids RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Krazy Kids win vacated Right Coast Pro Tag Team Championship and defend Titles on the same night.

Match #1: The Krazy Kids vs The McCoys

RCP54 5 KrazyKids RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Match #2 The Krazy Kids vs Nein-9 w/ Sebastian Night

RCP54 36 KrazyKids RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

It was a packed house at the Kirkwood Soccer Club Fieldhouse, with an official attendance of 276. The RCP Fans saw the Krazy Kids dominate the night by beating ‘The McCoys’ in one match to win the RCP tag Team Championship which owner JJ Johnston announced as vacated due to the former champions, M&M, refusing to sign contracts to face The Krazy Kids over the past six months.

RCP54 KrazyKids1200 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

RCP54 25 KrazyKids RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

The McCoys, Slade and Saddler, put up a good fight but in the end, the more experienced team showed why they are Championship Material.

Winner by Pinfall: The Krazy Kids However the Drama did not end there.

RCP54 Reverend 1200 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

The Reverend Gabriel Otis Day made it a point to show up at Right Coast Pro’s RCP-54 event and deliver a sermon before the 276 people packing Kirkwood Soccer Clubs Fieldhouse.

RCP54 16 ReverendDay RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

It was clear that this was a premeditated attack on Hall of Famer Athlete, The Legendary Chick Magnet Mozart Fontaine. The Reverend attacked ‘The Sinner’

RCP54 NewarkKenpoKarate RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

It was an unexpected challenge Saturday Night before a packed house in the Kirkwood Soccer Club Fieldhouse. The Newark Kenpo Karate Demo Team was beginning a choreographed presentation for the Right Coast Pro audience, when The Asian Assassin Setsu Ginsu, Clarke Kelly, and two goons interrupted the performance.

RCP54 39 NewarkKenpoKarate RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

RCP54 46 NewarkKenpoKarate RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

After listening to a diatribe on the inadequecies of American based Karate institutions, Clarke unleased his goons onto the kids of the Delaware dojo. On behalf of Setsu Ginsu, Clarke Kelly issued a challenge to the school’s master put up the deed to the school and leave Delaware or be removed by force!

RCP54 Urie Mercury RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

We started the match with every competitor believing they had caught Miss Mercury’s eye.

RCP54 9 Urie Mercury RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

RCP54 25 Urie Mercury RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

However, as the Right Coast Pro combative contest progressed, Glamorous Glenn Gordon soon realized he was out of favor with his former Glamazon, Chick Magnet Mozart Fontaine’s magnetism was not quite fully charged and Urie Graygory’s Russian Charm had won Miss Mercury’s heart.

RCP54 1200 Disco Kaluha RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Disco Dave looked his toughest and most skilled opponent to date, King Kaluha, in the eye and matched him move for move inside the squared circle.

RCP54 6 Disco Kaluha RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

RCP54 14 Disco Kaluha RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

It was a see-saw battle which saw the veteran King Kaluha gain momentum several times

RCP54 3 Intensity Fitness RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

A huge advocate of health and fitness, Right Coast Pro initiated its RCP Army Fitness Challenge Saturday Night at the Kirkwood Soccer Club. Sergeant Intensity lead the charge by challenging the kids of RCP to get outside and play as well as exercise.

RCP54 1200 nerdpower RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Dexter Boykin showed up to Right Coast Pro Wrestling in Delaware’s RCP-54 event at The Kirkwood Soccer Club Fieldhouse with his “A” game and Nerd Power!

RCP54 8 Dexter Harry RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

RCP54 4 Dexter Harry RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

It was a match, which on paper, showed no hope of Dexter emerging from victorious. His opponent, “The Definition of a Ring Technician” Harry M Baldwin, a former RCP Heavyweight Champion and Tag Team Champion, was physically more dominant and mentally

RCP54 Banner sergeant Intensity RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

276 fans watched as Drill Sergeant Intensity drilled and grilled The Mexican Hardcore Champion Pedro Duro and Wildlife William Fitz on the importance of teamwork.

RCP54 15 sergeant Intensity RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

RCP54 18 sergeant Intensity RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

There was no better place than the home of Delaware’s premier soccer clubs, Kirkwood Soccer, for this lesson to be administered. Whether Sebastian’s Wild Nights, Pedro Duro and WWF learned anything

Right Coast Pro Wrestling will be 'Kicking the Grass' on April 13th as they return to the Kirkwood Soccer Club for a night of Family Fun and of course Pro Wrestling. 

RCP54 Revised POSTER RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

The Intensity Corp will be in full parade April 13th as Sergeant Intensity attempts to whoop Sebastian's Wild Nights into Shape and force them to learn about 'Team Work' in a special 2 vs 1 Handicap Match!

matches 1200 76s ProWrestlingExtravagana RightCoastPro

Right Coast Pro & Wilmington Blue Coats sponsored Pro Wrestling Extravaganza at the 76ers Field House in Wilmington Delaware on March 23, 2019 was a Slam Dunk!

Check out the great Stiehl Photography Images of the Right Coast Pro Wrestling in Delaware Athletes doing what they do best, entertaining!

76ers 1 matches ProWrestling Extravagana RightCoastPro

76ers 33 matches ProWrestling Extravagana RightCoastPro

76ers 39 matches ProWrestling Extravagana RightCoastPro

It was an action packed, buzzer beating, great time at the 76ers Field House in Wilmington Delaware Saturday night as the Bluecoats won their season finale against the Maine RedClaws. While the basketball action on the court was hot, so was the action off court as Right Coast Pro Wrestling entertained with four competitive matches.

Right Coast Pro & Wilmington Blue Coats sponsored Pro Wrestling Extravaganza at the 76ers Field House in Wilmington Delaware on March 23, 2019 was a Slam Dunk!

Check out the great Stiehl Photography Images of WWE Legends:

76ers 25 wwe halloffame ProWrestling Extravagana RightCoastPro

76ers 2 wwe halloffame ProWrestling Extravagana RightCoastPro

Brutus the Barber Beefcake, Bushwacker Luke, and Greg the Hammer Valentine as they signed autographs, greeted fans and even got involved on the basketball court with Mascot Coaty.

76ers 13 Mascots ProWrestling Extravagana RightCoastPro

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Action packed, family fun for kids and adults! - Bob Q
September 11, 2017
My favorite place to watch wrestling! - Linda T
December 01, 2017
Wrestling like I remember it from the Golden Age of Pro Wrestling in the 80's - Genevieve
November 06, 2018
Whooooo! -Jim Stiehl
March 08, 2018
The best LOCAL professional wrestling around! Top notch production and all around fun for the whole family! - Lisa
October 03, 2018
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