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You can not have a Home Coming event without a home coming dance. Disco Dave knows how to strut on the dance floor as well as party with Hollywood’s Top Celebrities’, but he also knows before he can do any dancing on 10-15-16 at RCP’s Home Coming Event, he must first defeat fellow combative athlete Jerry Baldwin in this Delaware sporting event.


Clarke Kelly once again shocks the RCP fan base by announcing that he holds the contracts for October 15ths Right Coast Pro Tag Team Championship Match at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club. Many are looking at this move by Clarke Kelly as a part of another Takeover attempt as he has contracted with great success former WWE Talent Gene Snitsky to remove the Heavyweight Championship from Wrestling’s Man of Steel’s waist

Mr. Intensity Jerry Baldwin has some sharp words for Disco Dave concerning their upcoming 10-15-16 pro wrestling match at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware for Right Coast Pro


Right Coast Pro Wrestler & Former WWE Talent Big Gene Snitsky caught utilizing a ‘strong style’ sales approach in the RCP Arena locker rooms. Sr. Referee Reese was caught in a precarious position by

Chachi 1200 RCP32 RightCoast ProWrestling Delaware

There is little denying the romance between the Latin Lover Chachi and BTY’s Ms Jasmine has been building at RightCoastPro over the last few months. On October 15 at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club that romance just might end permantly as the Latin Lover Chachi has agreed to a Gauntlet Match with the faction known as BTY.Tickets are on sale now:Click Here

JerryBaldwin RCP32 RightCoast ProWrestling Delaware

When Right Coast Pro Wrestling returns to Delaware on 10-15-16 there just may be a ‘panic at the disco’ if RCP’s resident rock and roller, Mr. Intensity Jerry Baldwin has his way. Tickets are on Sale Now.Tickets are on sale now:Click Here

JimSlim b RCP31 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

Saturday Night October 15, 2016 the Legendary Chick Magnet Mozart Fontaine teams with his student Slim Jim to take on the RCP Heavyweight Champion Aaron Stride & his student Brian Profit at RightCoastPro’s ‘Home Coming’ Event at the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club of Delaware. Tickets are on sale now:Click Here

BTY is taking their upcoming gauntlet match with the Latin Lover Chachi on 10-15-16 at The Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware for Right Coast Pro very seriously

SmallFront poster RCP32 homecoming RightCoast ProWrestling Delaware

On October 15th, 2016 Right Coast Pro presents its next great Family Entertainment Night Community Event featuring Pro Wrestling at the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club in Delaware

Group RightCoastPro Mascot Brigade Coastee Fall SpecialOlympics

It was a beautiful day, and a beautiful setting as volunteers from both the Mascot Brigade and Right Coast Pro Wrestling in Delaware ventured to the St. Andrews School in Middletown Delaware for the 2016 Fall Special Olympic Games. See more pictures at Coastee's Mascot Brigade website:

RightCoastPro Mascot Brigade Coastee Fall SpecialOlympics


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