2019 RCP Hall of Fame Results
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2019 RCP Hall of Fame Results

Quick Results from Right Coast Pro's RCP-55 Hall of Fame Event on May 18, 2019

The Countdown to Festivus Six is on with the release of Delaware Pro Wrestling’s June 2018’s Rankings featurine Stiehl Photography Photos!

Tickets are on sale now (click here) for Right Coast Pro Wrestling’s Biggest Event of the Year, on July 14th at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware.

FESTIVUS 6 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

The Current Hall of Champions:

BrianProfit June2018 Rankings RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

Right Coast Pro Heavyweight Champion “The Richest Man in Haiti” Brian Profit

KrazyKids June2018 Rankings RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

RCP Tag Team Champions The Krazy Kids

SeanRoyal June2018 Rankings RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

 RCP Olympus Champion The Heavyweight Sean Royal

Feb2 heavyweight champion RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

Big Gene Snitsky: RCP Heavyweight Champion

Feb tagteam champion RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

The Krazy Kids: RCP Tag Team Champions

Feb olympus champion RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

 Heavyweight Sean Royal: Olympus Champion

BlarneyBlast Mosaic RCP43 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

Be sure to catch these champions defend their titles next on March 17, 2018 as Right Coast Pro presents Blarney Blast at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware.

Congratulations to all the athletes who made this month’s Top 15 and Top 5,

to those who did not, work harder there is always next month. Myles may give out participant awards, but we do not.

February 2018 Delaware Pro Wrestling Power Rankings:

Making his Debut in the Number One Slot Is .....

June Delaware ProWrestling Rankings

Massive shake-up in Delaware’s Pro Wrestling and Combative Sports Entertainment Power Rankings following Right Coast Pro’s recent community event hosted by the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware. New Faces, New Contenders, New Champions, and a whole lot of bruised egos

Champion Fontaine April Delaware Prowrestling ranking

Delaware’s Pro Wrestling Power Rankings for April 2017 Announced Topping this month’s Delaware Pro Wrestling Power Rankings for singles competition after a hard fought fatal four-way victory remains the Right Coast Pro Heavyweight Champion: “The Legendary Chick Magnet” Mozart Fontaine Chasing his title after leading his team to a victory at RCP’s Split Decision Event at Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware, and reaching the #1 contender spot for the first time in his athletic career.........

Number 1 February Ranking RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

Following his recent victory at Right Coast Pro’s “Light the Night” Event, former 3x Champion “God’s Gift” Aaron Stride catapults back to Delaware Pro Wrestling’s top spot as #1 Heavyweight Championship Contender in our RCP February 2017 Power Rankings courtesy. Taking the #2 spot is......

New Heavyweight Champion! The Legendary Chick Magnet Mozart FontaineMozartFontaine D Champion RCP33 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

Ahoy mates, Brigadier General Coastee of the Mascot Brigade, here with the December 2016 edition of my Delaware Pro Wrestling Championship Rankings for Right Coast Pro operating out of the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware. These rankings are based on a number factors, including an Athlete’s Drive, Determination, and Commitment to achieving their goal of one day being a Right Coast Pro Wrestling Champion. We start with a NEW Top Banana! Yes, the Legendary Chick Magnet Mozart Fontaine captured his first ever Heavyweight Championship after competing for nearly two decades! Mozart defeated 3x Champion Aaron Stride!

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