RCP-52 "Party Gras" Live Event Announced for March 2nd!
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RCP-52 "Party Gras" Live Event Announced for March 2nd!

Tickets on Sale Now for Right Coast Pro Wrestling "Party Gras" Live Event set for March 2nd at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware. Doors 6:30 Bell 7pm

RCP-52 "Party Gras" is Right Coast Pro Wrestling's next live event. Make plans to join the "Party" on Saturday Night March 2nd at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware. Quality Matters when it comes to Sports and Entertainment Options on Saturday Nights!

Yes, the Prince, the King & the Queen all REIGNED SUPREME at Right Coast Pro September Reign by all winning their matches on a night that presented tough challenges for all! Right Coast Pro September Reign results from 9/15/18


Check back daily for great Stiehl Photography photos and detailed match results. Be sure to reserve you seats for our "Making Goals" Oct.13 Event Click Here

1. Prince Al'Thor wins over Harry M. Baldwin (ClickHere)

7 PrinceHarry RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

2. The team of Disco Dave and Dexter Boykins wins over the team of Pedro Duro and Urie Graygory (Click Here)

31 DD tagteam RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

3. Wildlife William Fitz (W.W.F) wins his singles match over The Native American Tomahawk (Click Here)

A Tomahawk RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

4. Colton Quest takes the win over disheveled and outcasted Wildlife Cecil Whirlwind (W.C.W) - (Click Here)

20 Savage Quest RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

5. Mascot Coastee loses to the Historic Homonym - really he  had a big umbrella giveaway to all his fans-since he was expecting RAIN for September Reign-OPS!! (Click Here)

4 Mascot Coastee RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

6. "The King of the First State" Brian Profit lucks out and gets the win on a technically as Mr. Intensity Jerry Baldwin was counted out and allows Profit to retain his RCP Heavyweight Championship! (Click Here)

BrianProfit A RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

7. Setsu Ginsu takes the win and the RCP Olympus Championship Title over 4 other competitors in the "Royal Flush" match ending Sean Royal's long time reign as Champion. Mozart Fontaine, Zachary Pierre Beaulieu, The Strategist JustNeph and Sean Royal were all left wondering what happened! (Click Here)

SetsuGinsu A RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

8. The first RCP Women's match ended with Queen Sam L'Eterna stealing the win over Antoinette Marie with the assist from Glamorous Glen Gordon and his Glamazons. Damian Gibbs, still recovering from ankle surgery, couldn't help Antoinette quickly enough to make a difference. (Click Here)

9. The Krazy Kids managed to squeak out a win after "Pretty & Gritty" pummeled them the entire match. Must have been the energy of the crowd and the inadvertent distraction by Lone Wolf Slade McCoy that saved the day! Travis Dorian and Bull Hightower certainly were relentless but in the end, the Krazy Kids remain RCP Tag Team Champions!  (Click Here)


 Next Event:

"Making Goals" is an all ages, family friendly entertainment and sporting event and of course RCP’s Ambassador of Fun, Mascot Coastee and his Mascot Brigade will also be in attendence. 

Date: October 13, 2018

Venue: Kirkwood Soccer Club 

Address: 1220 River Road, New Castle DE 19720

Age Range: This is an all ages, family friendly event

Time: Doors 6:00 pm, Bell 7pm

Tickets – Starting at $15 adult, $8 Kids online advance ($20/$10 at the door) – See Website – Click Here Family Pack

Discounts: Yes, See Website – Click Here

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America’s Best Colton Quest vs Wildlife Cecil Whirlwind

Official: Ref Ryan

Savage B RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Quest B RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

We should be touting the tremendous display of athleticism and competition between America’s Best Colton Quest and Wildlife Cecil Whirlwind, along with Quest’s victory, however it was the post match drama that is on everyone’s tongue.

1 Mascot Coastee RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

4 Mascot Coastee RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Mascot Coastee fell victom to the infamous “Homonym” Saturday Night at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware.

“The Definition of a Ring Technician” Harry M Baldwin vs Prince al’Thor

Official: Ref Nicki

Harryi A RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Prince A RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

RefNicki A RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Relative newcomer, Prince al’Thor extended his undefeated streak Saturday Night at Right Coast Pro Wrestling in Delaware’s September Reign Event. His opponent ‘The Definition of a Ring Technician’ Harry M Baldwin put up a good fight, however it was not good enough to overcome his losing streak that dates back to November of last year when he lost the RightCoastPro Heavyweight Championship to former WWE Superstar Big Gene Snitsky.

Wildlife William Fitz w/ Sir Spaulding vs Tomahawk

Official: Ref Clayton

A Tomahawk RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

B Tomahawk RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

A WWF RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

After refusing to tag with former partner Wildlife Cecil Whirlwind and Sir Spaulding adamant about taking a suspension from Right Coast Pro if forced to do so, CEO Mister Crister juggled the September Reign line up to have WWF face Tomahawk 1v1. It was a power house of a match between two heavweights who prefer the more ‘ ground and pound ‘ style of wrestling over technical or high energy

PEdro A RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Dexter A RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Urie A RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Disco A RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Tag Team Challenge Match

Urie Graygory & The Mexican Hardcore Champion Pedro Duro vs D&D (Disco Dave and Dexter)

Official: Ref Ryan

21 DD tagteam RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

In one of the shockers of the night, Disco Dave and Dexter Boykin defeated two of the dirtiest professional wrestlers in the world, The Mexican Hardcore Champion Pedro Duro and Russia’s Urie Graygory.

Media Quotes

Action packed, family fun for kids and adults! - Bob Q
September 11, 2017
My favorite place to watch wrestling! - Linda T
December 01, 2017
Wrestling like I remember it from the Golden Age of Pro Wrestling in the 80's - Genevieve
November 06, 2018
Whooooo! -Jim Stiehl
March 08, 2018
The best LOCAL professional wrestling around! Top notch production and all around fun for the whole family! - Lisa
October 03, 2018
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