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The Mind is a powerful part of your being and care must be taken to not only ‘train the brain’ for creative and health reason, but to overcome negative influences. One such source of negativity even the most tenacious of Mascot Brigade Pirates experiences on occasion is what we call “Mind Barriers.” In this blog we will look at the top five mind barriers that Brigadiers are confronted with in their journeys in R-World and some recommendations to right the sails on your ship of adventure. We all start powerful but only the strong will endure to rise from the ranks of a Pirate of Play to Brigadier in the Mascot Brigade. Be strong my fellow Pirates and Brigadiers. 

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Chess for a Healthy Mind & Superior Soccer Skills

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Brigadiers, While Chess may not yet be a regular part of your school curriculum, it is a part of the Mascot Brigade’s curriculum. Why? Because it’s many positive ‘mind building’ effects that last a lifetime and improve your quality of living. A good adventurer is similar to a good soccer player in that they both understand triangulation and geometric progression.

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Brigadiers, See your dreams shift to goals. Work with daily objectives to achieve these goals with small steps and no thought of a “quick fix” solution. Do not fall victim of the “Losing Before You Start” Mind Barrier. Alexander III wrote: There is nothing impossible to him who will try. That is great advice


Ahoy Brigadiers, and Pirates of the Playground, welcome to Mascot Coastee’s “Mascot Brigade” a fun seeking group of happy go lucky Mascots who like adventuring to playgrounds around the world to just ‘play’

Our ambassadors, aka Brigadiers, encourage kids to ‘unplug’, go outside, and head back to the playground so they can just play. We like to encourage young Brigadiers in training to make healthy eating choices, avoid sugar laden drinks, as well as study music and the arts. Hope you enjoy our site, see you on the playground.