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Ahoy Mates! Nothing more relaxing or better than a juicy watermelon slice on the Mascot Brigade Clubhouse veranda. That watermelon is much more tasty when you harvest it right out of your own backyard garden.

This year was the first year and attempt at planting watermelons here on Mascot Island. Let me tell you it was easy and the bounty of deliciousness is abundant! My freezer is full with watermelon cubes and I still have a half dozen melons yet to pick!

watermelon garden MascotBrigade Coastee

Did you know in a study published in the American Journal of Hypertension For six weeks, 14 morbidly obese men and women (average age 58 years old) were fed powdered watermelon pulp — the equivalent of 2.3 lbs of fresh fruit — daily. Compared to a control group, those on the “watermelon diet” enjoyed a 9% decrease in blood pressure. Previous research indicates that blood pressure averaged higher — as much as five points higher — when temperatures ranged over 78 degrees. While diets with reduced salt, less meat, and more fruit and vegetables, can help balance blood pressure levels, one particular food — watermelon — was sized up for potential targeted benefits in the study.

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My friends over at Dole cast some light on why this might be in a recent blog. “Watermelon features a cast of nutritional characters — vitamins A and C, citrulline, lycopene — that may act independently or in concert to relax arterial blood vessels to lower pressure. Indeed, the red flesh of the watermelon contains twice the amount of lycopene as tomatoes, compared gram-for-gram. In addition to possible heart health, lycopene may also support male fertility, minimize sunburn damage, and reduce prostate cancer risk. Citrulline, an amino acid concentrated in the watermelon rind, may help enhance blood flow by suppressing certain enzymatic activity.” There you have it Brigadiers, plant some watermelon, go back to the playground and play, then enjoy some refreshing watermelon slices on your own clubhouse’s deck or veranda.

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