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Ahoy Brigadiers & Pirates of the Playground! As we travel the seas in search of adventure I would like to pull into port and find a DMC Dojo where we can demonstrate an injury prevention tip worthy of a #MascotBrigade Approval stamp. 

Whether playing on the many playgrounds of Mascot Island, exploring the unknown in the Scalene of R, or competing in various sports like soccer, wrestling, baseball or football at R-World’s Gateway on the Right Coast, a Brigadier must always be at the top of their game which means they need to be flexible and injury free. One of the easiest and most efficient methods to accomplish these tasks are Field Marshal (fancy word for coach & founder or Renegade Training International) John Davies’ RED2 lunge patterns.


What is RED2? RED2 is a broad based system that starts with some simple lunge patterns. The beauty of the RED2 system lies in its ability to recognize an individual’s developmental flaws and provide an individual a vehicle to help correct these flaws while laying a foundation for future training and our athletic injury prevention model. It does this by specifically addressing foot and ankle strength, and movement patterns. Presented today are Rx1, Rx2, and Rx3 all foundation RED2 movements as well as precursors to DMC. These movement can, and should, be performed virtually anywhere, from the Sands of Scorpio to the Galley of your own Pirate Ship. Enough talk, lets loosen up so we can grab a ball, hop on our skateboards and head ‘back to the playground’ so we can play!

Rx1 This hold is performed on a regular basis with holds of upwards of sixty seconds, but most Brigadiers start with 15 seconds and work up from there (Same goes for Rx2 & Rx3 Mates!)

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In the first, most preliminary stage of RED2 series, we will begin with learning the two ‘basic’ lunge patterns or ‘Rx holds’, which as John Davies notes ‘most are incapable of the first position, known as the Rx 1 hold.’ In the attached photo, the plant leg (L) is driven into the ground, whilst the opposite knee (R) is raised such that the upper thigh is roughly parallel to the ground. In performing this action, the individuals lower lever and torso / hip should not shift, with general ease of holding this position.


RX2 MascotBrigade Coastee Playground Sports Delaware

With the plant (L) leg taunt, the lower leg is extended, such that the bottom of the (R) heel is level the opposing knee as the athlete ‘reaches’ forward, in what is referred to as ‘Rx 2’. “As with the Rx1, this movement is performed with longer duration sets and will have a radical impact on hip, hamstring and glute strength. This is a critical point to consider because while athletes will go to exhausting lengths to develop hip and hamstring length, if they cannot lift and extend their leg it is obvious there are flaws in there training.” – John Davies


RX3 MascotBrigade Coastee Playground Sports Delaware

With the plant (L) leg taunt, extend your opposite leg( r) to the rear looking to have it parallel to the ground as pictured. Keep your hips/buttocks level & perpendicular to your plant leg while extending the opposite leg. Spread your arms out wide like a bird and form a T and hold. Note it is more beneficial to your development to keep the hips level than the extending leg parallel when starting.

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