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Adversity, your ability to overcome it is directly related to your success on the playground, adventuring the seas of opportunity in R-World or competing in the great sporting arenas and colosseums of the Right Coast. How you deal with it, how you overcome it, and how you help others overcome their own adversities defines you as a Mascot Brigade Brigadier.

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Every Brigadier and Pirate of Play needs to accept the fact their path in life is going to be littered with Adversity & Stress, moste especially in regards to Athletic Development. The sooner a Brigadier can begin training to not only handle it, but overcome it to make you a better athlete and most importantly a better person. How do you overcome adversity? No easy answer here, it develops with experience. You never give up, keep trying, stick to your principles and build your knowledge base by learning from each experience.

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“Adversity is something you overcome. Principles never have a price tag and doing what is right is never wrong. Say that until it is second nature and eventually you will begin to respect there is something extraordinary that plays a role in every decision you will make in life. You will face many obstacles in life and when sport has taught you that ‘adversity is something you overcome’ and you are a man or woman of principles, you have become a champion.” – Brigadier General Coach Davies

Adversity is your Second Mascot Brigade Rule of Conduct (Nine in total) as a Brigadier or Brigadier in training. - Coastee

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