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Preparation, It is our fourth Mascot Brigade Rule of Conduct Be Prepared Brigadiers! Being prepared is what separates Mascot Brigade Athletes and Scholars from everyone else. Preparation is our Fourth Mascot Brigade Rule of Conduct and essential if one hopes to join the ranks of a full Brigadier. Prepared, what does it mean?

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Ahoy Brigadiers and Pirates of Play, an important part of being a Brigadier within the Mascot Brigade is being a leader in your community and leading by example. The Nine MascotBrigade rules of conduct were created as a guideline to help you not only become a leader, but to aid in accomplishing your goals in life. Today we cover our third rule: Respect

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Adversity, your ability to overcome it is directly related to your success on the playground, adventuring the seas of opportunity in R-World or competing in the great sporting arenas and colosseums of the Right Coast. How you deal with it, how you overcome it, and how you help others overcome their own adversities defines you as a Mascot Brigade Brigadier.

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Ahoy mates! I am Brigadier General Coastee of the Mascot Brigade and today I present to all you Brigadiers and Pirates of Play a developmental tip that will help you in all your back to the playground adventures, Focus.

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Brigadiers, Keep a sharp eye out for fitness treasures that may lay hidden at your local park or playground. Pictured is a pristine set of parallel bars that I now make regular use of when I head back to the playgrounds of Mascot Island


Ahoy Brigadiers, and Pirates of the Playground, welcome to Mascot Coastee’s “Mascot Brigade” a fun seeking group of happy go lucky Mascots who like adventuring to playgrounds around the world to just ‘play’

Our ambassadors, aka Brigadiers, encourage kids to ‘unplug’, go outside, and head back to the playground so they can just play. We like to encourage young Brigadiers in training to make healthy eating choices, avoid sugar laden drinks, as well as study music and the arts. Hope you enjoy our site, see you on the playground.