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Ahoy Brigadiers, While our overall message is just to go out to the playground and “play” we do have a number of Brigadiers and Pirates of Play that want to take their athletic ability to the next level. In order to do this you must establish a training plan. Your training plan should incorporate the Mascot Brigade & Renegade Concepts of Training, as well as encompass The Wheel of Conditioning presented in this R-World blog.

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Ahoy Brigadiers & Pirates of the Playground! Did you know the paradox for developing a better bench press and, ultimately, pectoral muscles starts not with the chest but the back. A strong back and stable shoulder capsule is the foundation of developing a bench press. To develop a powerful bench press, priority must be placed upon learning proper technique and developing the rear deltoids (and shoulder capsule), triceps and upper back.

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Ahoy Brigadiers & Pirates of Play, sometimes we need some added motivation to fuel our back to the playground adventures. Maybe you had a tough day at work, or a little tired from not eating properly? Whatever the case may be mate, we are here at the Mascot Brigade to help motivate our fellow brothers to have the best day the can possibly have at the playground.

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In what was set to be a special, award filled, night for Coastee and his Mascot Brigade but ended in a heinous act of bullying that left Mascot Coastee in the hospital.

Coastee Down RCP31 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

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Everyone knows by now Brigadiers of the Mascot Brigade love to head to playgrounds around the world to just play and that includes sports too!

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Soccer is by far the favorite of all sports here at MascotBrigade Headquarters, and when Brigadier General Mascot Coastee decided he wanted to put a team together to challenge other communities in their local parks he turned to the Mascot Brigades very own Field Marshal, Coach John Davies.

Mascot Brigade DMC Soccer Training Coach John Davies

John Davies is an internationally respected authority and author on the beautiful game of soccer. He has published numerous articles as well as books on training, tactics and injury prevention in regards to soccer (futebol). He is the founder of Renegade Training International, DMC™, and currently operates an international soccer consulting service. He openly helps the soccer community via twitter, so feel free to tweet him at @renegadestyle


Ahoy Brigadiers, and Pirates of the Playground, welcome to Mascot Coastee’s “Mascot Brigade” a fun seeking group of happy go lucky Mascots who like adventuring to playgrounds around the world to just ‘play’

Our ambassadors, aka Brigadiers, encourage kids to ‘unplug’, go outside, and head back to the playground so they can just play. We like to encourage young Brigadiers in training to make healthy eating choices, avoid sugar laden drinks, as well as study music and the arts. Hope you enjoy our site, see you on the playground.