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Overcoming Adversity is just something you do. In athletics & life you will face many challenges, how you face these challenges is what defines you as a person. Be the Brigadier who looks adversity straight in the eye and overcome's obsticles, not one that cowers and hides.  


If you do not succeed at first, try, try again. Need additional motivation and examples be sure to visit our good friends of Right Coast Pro Wrestling in Delaware for some real life athletes continually faced with adversity and challenge. RightCoastPro Wrestling.

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Ahoy Brigadiers, and Pirates of the Playground, welcome to Mascot Coastee’s “Mascot Brigade” a fun seeking group of happy go lucky Mascots who like adventuring to playgrounds around the world to just ‘play’

Our ambassadors, aka Brigadiers, encourage kids to ‘unplug’, go outside, and head back to the playground so they can just play. We like to encourage young Brigadiers in training to make healthy eating choices, avoid sugar laden drinks, as well as study music and the arts. Hope you enjoy our site, see you on the playground.