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In what was set to be a special, award filled, night for Coastee and his Mascot Brigade but ended in a heinous act of bullying that left Mascot Coastee in the hospital.

Coastee Down RCP31 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

 The CEO of Right Coast Pro Wrestling in Delaware, Mister Crister, was in the act of presenting Coastee with a Delaware Community Service Award for his work with the Mascot Brigade and encouraging children to eat better, unplug their phones, get outside and head back to the playground for fitness and health.

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Rudely interrupting the ceremony was RCP resident bully, God’s Gift Aaron Stride and his sidekick #BFF Josh Maddoxx. Aaron Stride tried to steal the spotlight for himself so he could demand a Championship rematch with Wrestling’s Man of Steel, Chris Steeler. When Mister Crister would have none of it, things turned violent. Mister Crister was sucker punched, Coastee attacked brutally before a packed house of fans.

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Josh Maddox destroyed the community achievement award, and proceeded to cut Coastee’s tail off!

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Thankfully Chris Steeler came to the rescue, but the damage had been done and Coastee needed to be taken to a local hospital.

Coastee help RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

Coastee 1 RCP31 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

We, at RightCoastPro along with his Mascot Brigade Brigadiers, want to wish Mascot Coastee a speedy recovery. Will of course be providing updates, be sure to wish Coastee a speedy recovery too by tweeting him @CoasteeRCP

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