Mascot Island and all of R-World have a treasure trove of playgrounds. Why not join Mascot Coastee as he sets sail on an epic adventure in a quest to map all the playgrounds R-World has to offer.
Coastee's Playground
Mascot Island
Item 2
Brigadiers know the importance of staying active and fit in their journeys throughout R-World. To keep in top condition & injury free they seek out the DMC Dojos to learn this Mascot Brigade Approved exercise methodology For Injury Prevention | Athletic Development | Body Awareness | Creativity = DMC
Mascot Island
Item 3
Venture to the Culinary Atolls for "Mascot Brigade Approved" Real Food Recipes hearty enough to fuel Brigadiers through the most epic of adventures Smoothies, Overnight Oats, Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch Mascot Brigade Style.
Coastee's Kitchen
Item 4
Brigadiers make the port of Antaliss a priority, they know the importance of training the brain. Why Antaliss? It is home to Brigadier General John Davies who loves to share his exclusive chess exercises designed specifically to aid in enhancing Creativity!Set Sail to R-World's Artistic Capitol the City of Antaliss today!
Item 5
Need a mascot for your next event or party? Use the contact form, it is quicker & more reliable than a 'message in a bottle'
Message in a Bottle
Item 6
An Adventurous series of blogs showcasing Brigadiers of R World and their passions beyond the playground. Many are so 'outside the lines' that they can only be found beneath the veil known as the Scalene of R. Come explore R World!
Scalene of R

Brigadiers in the Mascot Brigade know friends come in all shape, sizes and colors. Be cool to your fellow Pirates of the Playground, you share a common goal, Playing!

Eat Good

Eat Good

Step 1 to having an awesome playground adventure is eating quality real food including lots of fruits and vegetables daily.


Step 2 to having an epic outing at the playground is hydrating with water before, during, and after all playground adventures.
Go Play

Go Play

Step 3 to becoming a true Pirate of Play and Brigadier in the Mascot Brigade is having the funnest time you can have at the playground, by just Playing!


Ahoy Brigadiers, and Pirates of the Playground, welcome to Mascot Coastee’s “Mascot Brigade” a fun seeking group of happy go lucky Mascots who like adventuring to playgrounds around the world to just ‘play’

Our ambassadors, aka Brigadiers, encourage kids to ‘unplug’, go outside, and head back to the playground so they can just play. We like to encourage young Brigadiers in training to make healthy eating choices, avoid sugar laden drinks, as well as study music and the arts. Hope you enjoy our site, see you on the playground.