Dancing Mascot Brigade Coastee Fall SpecialOlympics Delaware

It was a beautiful day, and a beautiful setting as volunteers from both the Mascot Brigade and Right Coast Pro Wrestling in Delaware ventured to the St. Andrews School in Middletown Delaware for the 2016 Fall Special Olympic Games.

Group RightCoastPro Mascot Brigade Coastee Fall SpecialOlympics

Delaware 5 SpecialOlympics play MascotBrigade Coastee

The Fun started with Mascot Coastee’s grand entrance and love of dancing. Line dancing, dance contests, dance lessons and basic shenanigans filled the Olympic village as Coastee kept the DJ spinning the tunes and the athletes entertained. Of course any Mascot Brigade outing would not be complete without a game of soccer, as well as Mascot Coastee providing some soccer tips he has learned from Coach Davies of Renegade Training International. The “Dribble to School” initiative is one that the Mascot Brigade, Right Coast Pro and Renegade Training founded and promote for children’s health internationally.

Soccer 3 Mascot Brigade Coastee Fall SpecialOlympics Delaware

Soccer drill Mascot Brigade Coastee Fall SpecialOlympics Delaware

Soccer 10 Mascot Brigade Coastee Fall SpecialOlympics Delaware

Yes, a fan favorite, the hulu hoops were out and put to good use by athletes of all ages and worlds.

SpecialOlympics play MascotBrigade Coastee

Delaware 10 SpecialOlympics play MascotBrigade Coastee

Coastee event found time to team up with members of the 501st Legion a Star Wars representative legion famous for their charity work. The “Dark Side” of the Force are a tough bunch to get to smile, but with some effort Mascot Coastee succeeded.

Delaware 12 SpecialOlympics play MascotBrigade Coastee

Delaware 6 SpecialOlympics play MascotBrigade Coastee

Coastee as well as all the athletes event got a free, hands on educational lesson from the fine folks at the Brandywine Zoo. Too Cool!

Delaware Zoo SpecialOlympics play MascotBrigade Coastee

From all of us at the Mascot Brigade and RightCoastPro, to all the amazing athletes, SODE volunteers and spectators, thank you for allowing us to participate in such a fun event and making our day of play simply bananas! See you all in 2017! You can catch The Mascot Brigade, as well as all of the RightCoastPro Elite Athletes, in action at every Right Coast Pro Delaware Entertainment Event featuring the best pro wrestling and sports entertainment in the First State.

SpecialOlympics armwrestling 2 MascotBrigade Coastee

RCP currently is partnered with the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware to bring you its community events on a semi monthly basis. . For Tickets and Next Event Dates CLICK HERE

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