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 Tickets 148 500

RCP-24 Right Coast Pro’s All Out of Bubble Gum Event News and Match-ups

All Out Bubblegum Web Poster RCP24 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

RightCoastPro Wrestling Returns to Action October 10, 2015 with its “All Out of Bubble Gum" Community Event in Newark, Delaware

Announced Matches (check back daily):

• The Self Proclaimed Tag Team Champion Baldwin Brothers Return.

• Heavyweight Championship Match: "God's Gift" Aaron Stride vs Courageous Cruz

• The Latin Lover Chachi & The Cougar Tamer King Kaluha vs Baldwin Brothers vs Mozart Fontaine & Disco Dave

• The Mexican Hardcore Champion Pedro Duro to perform a live Mexican Hat Dance!

• Bazooka Joe vs Justin Pusser

• Joey Silver vs Adam Chandler

• Post Show Autograph, Meet and Greet Session

• Mascot Coastee and his Banana Brigade

• Live National Anthem Performance

• 4-way Submission only spectactular! The Prince of Aesthetics Damian Gibbs vs Colton Quest vs Anthony Bowens vs The Dealmaker Ruby Rubino w/Sebastian Night.

Tickets are on sale NOW for this great event! Click here

Single Tickets RCP24 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Sports Entertainment

Champion ‘God’s Gift’ Aaron Stride to defend the RCP Heavyweight Championship against Courageous Cruz!

Championship 2 RCP24 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware
Championship 2 RCP24 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

And as added bonus as a result of last month’s Fan Experience Drawing former RCP Wrestler Chris ‘the Show’ Steeler will be Aaron Stride’s new #BFF! And Former CEO Mister Crister the Ring Announcer!

Championship 1 RCP24 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

Tag Team Mayhem! 3 teams competing for the Baldwin Brothers self-proclaimed "Tag Team Championships"? Right Coast Pro has not officially sanctioned these titles, yet the Baldwin’s insist they are Champions! See if their bubble pops on October 10th at "All Out of Bubblegum"! JOIN US! Discounted Tickets on sale now!

Baldwins 3 RCP24 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware
Kahalu Chachi2 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware
DiscoDave 1 RCP23 RightCoastPro Wrestling sports Delaware
JerryBaldwin RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

 3 way tagteam RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

 Loser Leaves RCP for the Rest of the Year! Tag Partners & Friends are forced to do battle against one another in a special loser leaves RCP Match. Heavyweight Sean Royal vs Jr. Heavyweight Tim Taylor

TimTaylor RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware
SeanRoyal RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

4-Way Submission only Match with the added stipulation that the one who submits must carry the bags of the winner for the entire month of November! The Prince of Aesthetics Aaron Stride vs Colton Quest vs Anthony Bowens vs The Dealmaker Ruby Rubino w/Sebastian Night!

Gibbs RightCoastPro Soccer Wrestling Sports Delaware
Ruby RightCoastPro Soccer Wrestling Sports Delaware
quest RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware
bowens RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

Justin Pusser & Adam ‘The Great’ Chandler return at CEO Clarke Kelly’s request. Justin Pusser will battle the powerhouse Bazooka Joe. Adam Chandler to take on the high flying Joey Silver

Chandler Pusser RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware
Chandler Pusser RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware
BazookaJoe RCP21 RightCoastPro Wrestling Sports Delaware Entertainment Event
silver 1 RCP24 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

Will we finally see The Mexican Hardcore Champion Pedro Duro’s infamous Hat Dance? This could be the show, barring interruption of course!

Squirrell PedroDuro RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware
fans 2 RCP23 RightCoastPro Wrestling sports Delaware

What has Mascot Coastee been doing with CEO Clarke Kelly’s Car? As you can see in the video he has taken the liberty of ‘borrowing’ his classic ’72 Camaro and to our knowledge he is still cruising around town in it, perhaps this fun loving monkey will drop by and say high to all his Banana Brigade Friends! 

BananaBrigade Wrestling Sports Delaware
Flag Play RightCoastPro Soccer Delaware Coastee


RightCoastPro events always feature a live presentation of the National Anthem, special appearances by RCP Mascot Coastee, PLUS giveaways and lots of surprises! Fun for the whole family!

The October 10th “All Out of Bubblegum” event kicks off the fall season and you don’t want to miss a second of it! This is a high-impact, professionally produced show that is up close and action-packed featuring Elite Pros from up and down the Right Coast. Our family friendly entertainment shows are held in a comfortable and clean environment with plenty of parking, full concessions and close to home.

Top rated community event! Life Community Church, 750 Otts Chapel Rd in Newark, Delaware.

Doors open at 6:15pm - Belltime 7pm ADVANCED TICKET SALES HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: $15 Adults/$8 Kids Available remaining tickets will be $20 Adult/$10 Kids at the door!

CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE! Delaware Advertising Permit #280 

 Strip 186 Bestof

Where? RCP Arena aka Life Community Church

When? October 10, 2015

Address? 750 Otts Chapel Road, Newark Delaware 19713

Time? Doors Open 6:15pm, Belltime 7pm
Price? Kids $9 advance/$10 Door, Adults $16 advance/$20 Door
Discount Packages? Yes, See Ticket Page or Click Here
Ages? All Ages, Family Friendly Event

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