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 Tickets 148 500

RCP-28 Right Coast Pro’s March 5, 2016 "Cadence" Event

Mr Upgrade Mike Reed set to take on RCP Resident Superhero Courageous Cruz!

Reed Cruz RCP28 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Event

Little doubt that Courageous Cruz faces his toughest challenge to date with Mike Reed. Reed is just not a nice guy and it is going to take every bit of super hero magic Cruz has to overcome this villian on March 5th at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club in Delaware at Right Coast Pro's Cadence Pro Wrestling Community Event.

The Mexican Hardcore Champion faces debuting superstar Dave Davis!

Pedro Davis FB RCP28 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Event

Mister Crister has come through again with the signing of up and comer Dave Davis who brings his fast paced, strong style to Right Coast Pro. Pedro Duro might be better off visiting South of the Border on March 5! 

Rematch has been granted and signed!

Kaluha Quest RCP28 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Event

Colton Quest got his wish, a rematch with the timeless King Kaluha. Though certainly questionable, King Kaluha own one victory over Colton Quest and goes for number two at Cadence.

Huge News Mr. Upgrade Mike Reed is back in Right Coast Pro!

MikeReed RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

Thanks to Clarke Kelly, Right Coast Pro just got 'Upgraded' with the return of Mike Reed. On top of this, since it is Clarke Kelly's Birthday he gets to choose Reed's opponent! Stay tuned.

Two Delaware Pro Wrestling Legends team up March 5 in an attempt to win the Right Coast Pro Tag Team Championship.

LEGENDS RCP28 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Event

JJ “The Crew Guy" is back in action! Harry M Baldwin made the mistake of calling this old school mentality wrestler out, Clarke Kelly disrespected his authority now he had Mister Crister do him a favor by allowing him to team with the Legendary Hall of Famer and Chick Magnet Mozart Fontaine in an attempt to not only teach the Baldwin Brothers respect but wrestle away those beautiful championship belts.

Huge six man tag team event signed.

showdown RCP28 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Event

The faction known as BTY (better than you) has been relentless in their pursuit of eliminating both the Heavyweights and Chris "The Show" Steeler from not only the Title picture but RCP. March 5th these factions collide in what very well could be a 'career ender' for any one of these combatants. 

Its a Chef's Surpise March 5th as Ruby Rubino and Sebastian Night look to "Cook up" another victory.

CHEF rev1 RCP28 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Event

Last show it was the “bellies” that took care of business in and out of the ring. We are not sure what Sebastian Night and Ruby Rubino's pre match meal consisted of but it sure was effective in aiding them to victory. Now Rubino & Night are faced with the tough challenge of defeating God's Gift Aaron Stride and Josh Maddoxx #BFF.

Dance Dance Revolution! The Salsa takes on The Hustle in a prematch k-tel bonus track match! 

DANCE CONTEST RCP28 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Event

It has been a long time coming but finally the showdown everyone has been waiting for, a one on one meeting between Disco Dave and the Latin Lover Chachi. These two know each other well from tag team action, but never singles. Adding a bit of heat to the fire, The Latin Lover has challenged Disco Dave to a Pre Match Dance Contest! Don't miss what is to be an epic dance off! 

Really it is Clarke Kelly's Birthday!

ClarkeKelly Birthday RightCoastPro

For once no shennanigans as far as Clarke Kelly is concerned, it is really his Birthday and he invites you to his party. He also requests that you attend by buying ticket, wish him a wonderful day and bring him a gift!

Chris "The Show" Steeler teams with "The Heavyweights" Sean Royal & Tim Taylor to take on the devasting faction known as BTY (Better Than You).

Steeler Chandler 900 RCP27 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware entertainment

“Wrestling’s Man of Steel” Chris Steeler retains the RCP Heavyweight Championship in very hard fought match which included interference from all members of the BTY (Better Than You) faction, as well as Clarke Kelly attempting to referee the match and two additional referees in the Heavyweights to insure this match was called straight down the middle.

BTY CADENCE RCP28 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Event
HEAVYWEIGHTS RCP28 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Event
fb Ruby Sebastian RCP28 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Event

The 'Bellies' are back Saturday March 5 at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club for another crazy, fun filled night of pro wrestling and culinary arts done only in a way Sebastian Night and Ruby Rubino could do and only they know what will be on their plates come Saturday Night 3-5-16 Delaware


Tickets Singles

Tickets now on Sale for Right Coast Pro's March 5, 2016 Pro Wrestling Event "Cadence" at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware

Poster RCP28 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Event
Flag Play RightCoastPro Soccer Delaware Coastee


CLASSIC RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Event

RightCoastPro events always feature a live presentation of the National Anthem, special appearances by RCP Mascot Coastee, PLUS giveaways and lots of surprises! Fun for the whole family!

This is a high-impact, professionally produced show that is up close and action-packed featuring Elite Pros from up and down the Right Coast. Our family friendly entertainment shows are held in a comfortable and clean environment with, full concessions and close to home.

Top rated community event! Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club, 109 Glasgow Drive, Newark Delaware 19702

Doors open at 6:15pm - Belltime 7pm ADVANCED TICKET SALES HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE! Delaware Advertising Permit #294 

 Strip 186 Bestof

Next Event? Pro Wrestling

Where? Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club

When? March 5, 2016

Address? 109 Glasgow Drive, Newark Delaware 19702

Time? Doors Open 6:15pm, Belltime 7pm
Price? Kids start at just $8.00 advance online special, $10 at door, Adults start at $15 advance online special, $20 at the door
Discount Packages? Yes, See Ticket Page or Click Here
Ages? All Ages, Family Friendly Event

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Right Coast Pro loves Soccer too!

RCP & Renegade look to feature a number of new articles specifically related to Soccer Training & Tactics

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RCP's foundation was built upon pro-wrestling & it is still our passion. The RCP Combative Sports Developmental Program is in its 4th year and going strong. Look for new combative sports articles & videos.

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Creed 750 RCP19 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Community Entertainment Event

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"Each Spoke of the Wheel represents the many attributes needed for success in your preparation with balance and harmony between one another. These Attributes work hand and hand with one another and should never be mistaken as autonomous."

The Wheel of Conditioning is meant to be used in conjunction with the Renegade Concepts of Training

Renegade Concepts of Training

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  • Movements Trained, not Musculature 
  • Efficiencies of Movement Reinforced
  • Motor Patterning and Grafting
  • Postural Alignment is Perfected
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  • Force Developed such that it can be Projected, Accepted and Redirected at Maximal Levels
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Three Basic Planes of Motion

3 PlanesRightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Sports Entertainment

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