Past Event Show Recaps featuring Pictures from Stiehl Photography

RCP-30 Right Coast Pro Wrestling's Festivus 4 Event Announced for July 16 at the RCP Arena aka the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware.

RightCoastPro FightForFame ProWrestlingDelaware

4 way RightCoastProWrestling Delaware Festivus Event

What would an Event Called Festivus 4 be without a four way, tornado style match? Exactly!

Breaking News: Brutus Baldwin wants in!

BrutusBaldwin RightCoastProWrestling Delaware Festivus Event

SetsuGinsu RightCoastProWrestling Delaware Festivus Event

Oh my, the Mysterious Setsu Ginsu from the Orient has just signed for the F.F & F.

JJ crewguy RightCoastProWrestling Delaware Festivus Event

Looks like JJ The Crew Guy just could not resist the tempation of vying for that beautiful gold belt.

Nanas Heavyweights RightCoastProWrestling Delaware Festivus Event

Just Signed! The Tag Team Titles will on the line as The Champion 'Heavyweights take on the N.A.N.A.S (Non American, North Americans aka The Canadian Superstar Zachary Pierre Beaulieu & The Mexican Hardcore Champion Pedro Duro)

Chachi pusser RightCoastProWrestling Delaware Festivus Event

Looks like the Latin Lover Chachi's flirtation with Ms Jasmine has gotten Justin Pusser all hot blooded!

JerryBaldwin CourageousCruz RightCoastProWrestling Delaware Festivus Event

Urgent, call in the resident Superhero Courageous Cruz as Jerry Baldwin is testing the waters as a singles competitor!

Chandler Davis RightCoastProWrestling Delaware Festivus Event

Cold as Ice Adam The Great Chandler will be facing the Turn't Up Superstar Dave Davis

Steeler Blake RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Event Festivus

RCP Heavyweight Championship Title Match Signed! Self Made Michael Blake will face the Champion 'Wrestling's Man of Steel' Chris Steeler for the Gold!

RightCoastProWrestling Festivus4 CommunityEvent MultiverseGameStation

The MultiVerse Game Trailer will be making a 'preshow' appearance. Free Play with a paid ticket to the event!Check it out at 

WWF Ruby RightCoastProWrestling Delaware Festivus Event

After last shows vicious attack by Wildlife William Fitz & his mysterious 'handler' CEO Mister Crister had little choice but to book a match between WWF and Ruby Rubino w/Sebastian Night.

HarryBaldwin RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Festivus Event

Harry M Baldwin is looking to add RCP Heavyweight Gold to his resume.

heavyweight RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Festivus Event

jrheavyweight RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Festivus Event

Right Coast Pro Tag Team Champions Heavyweight Sean Royal and Jr.Heavyweight Tim Taylor have added their names to the Fight for Fame and Fortune.

WildlifeWilliamFitz RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Festivus Event

The Wildman, Wildlife William Fitz has been entered by his 'handler' in the Fight for Fame

Ms.Jasmine RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Event Festivus

Ms Jasmine, we have been waiting for a girl like you!

It will be a 'Blue Morning, Blue Day' for many pro wrestlers in Delaware now that Adam Chandler has entered the Fight for Fame & Fortune!

AdamChandler RightCoastPro FightForFame Delaware 2

He is 'Hot Blooded' and in the Rumble! Justin Pusser is as intense an athlete as their is.

RightCoastProWrestling FightForFameFortune JustinPusser

Chachi is in the Fight For Fame & Fortune prowrestling rumble and just waiting for a 'Reaction to Action'

RightCoastProWrestling FightForFameFortune LatinLover Chachi

Turn't Up and a 'Starrider' all in one. Dave Davis looks to fly into Number 1 Contender Spot at Festivus 4

DaveDavis RightCoastPro FightForFame Delaware

'Headknocker' Showstopper Aaron Stride has entered the mix

AaronStride RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Festivus Event

Colton Quest looks once again 'Rev it on the Red Line' to stand atop the podium

ColtonQuest RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Festivus Event

Just announced by the CEO of Right Coast Pro Wrestling Mister Crister: The Return of 'Self Made' Michael Blake

RightCoastProWrestling Festivus4 Event MichaelBlake

'Say you will' and Ruby Rubino will find a way to one up you

RightCoastProWrestling FightForFameFortune ruby

And The Fight for Fame and Fortune returns to determine September's #1 Contender

RightCoastPro FightForFame ProWrestlingDelaware

This will be Rumble Style Match, Over the Top Rope Elimination. The winner will recieve a briefcase of cash, and more importantly become the #1 Contender for the RCP Heavyweight Championship. Entrants will be announced daily leading up to our July 16, Festivus 4 Community Event. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest: @rightcoastpro and @rightcoastprojj 

RightCoastProWrestling FightForFameFortune DiscoDave

The Fight for Fame & Fortune lineup just got a Juke Box Hero, Disco Dave is in!

RightCoastProWrestling FightForFameFortune JerryBaldwin

It is cetainly Head Games now that Former Tag Team Champion Jerry Baldwin has signed for Festivus Four's Fight for Fame & Fortune

RightCoastProWrestling FightForFameFortune CourageousCruz1

RCP's Resident Superhero & Agent Provocateur Courageous Cruz makes his return after being out with a concussion.

RightCoastProWrestling FightForFameFortune PedroDuro

The Mexican Hardcore Champion Pedro Duro is a Long Long way from Home but still says Si!

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This is a high-impact, professionally produced show that is up close and action-packed featuring Elite Pro Wrestlers from up and down the Right Coast. Our family friendly entertainment shows are held in a comfortable and clean environment with, full concessions and close to home.



Delaware Advertising Permit #308

Next Event? Pro Wrestling

Where? Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club

When? July 16, 2016 (permit pending)

Address? 109 Glasgow Drive, Newark Delaware 19702

Time? Doors Open 6:15pm, Belltime 7pm

Price? $20 adults, $10 Kids - See online ticket page for discounts!

Discount Packages? Yes, See Ticket Page or Click Here

Ages? All Ages, Family Friendly Event

RightCoastPro Best familyfriendly event Delaware 

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