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Clarke Kelly B RCP34 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

Sport agent Clarke Kelly is amassing a force of professional wrestling talent. The upcoming March 18th Right Coast Pro Wrestling Event is becoming quite intriguing as the impeached former CEO of RCP is making some serious power moves within the organization.

Contractors D RCP34 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

Clarke Kelly utilized the grand stage of Right Coast Pro’s Delaware Entertainment Event “Light the Night” to its full advantage, managing to turn a picturesque image of an 80’s rock concert to a single spotlight on himself. Not only did Clarke Kelly debut his new style of fashion with some panache, he debuted Four new talents in his staple. The most notable of these talents is former RCP Developmental School standout, Brian Profit who in 2016 was denied a Right Coast Pro Wrestling contract due to disciplinary reasons and a questionable work ethic.

Brian Profit A RCP33 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

Little did CEO Mister Crister or the RCP Fan base know that Brian Profit makes his residence at the North Hills of Massif de la Selle in Petionville Port-au-Prince, Haiti where he known as “The Richest Man in Haiti.” True to his name, Brian Profit is all about “profit” when it comes to business, life and professional wrestling. He takes from the rich, poor and middle class and gives to no one but himself and with the help of a few dollars and Clarke Kelly’s paper work skills, Brian Profit finagled a contract behind current CEO Mister Crister’s back by posing Mr. Profit as a masked “Contractor”

Contractors c RCP34 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

Contractors 6 RCP34 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

Contractors 11 RCP34 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

Brian & Clarke managed to finagle a contract behind current CEO Mister Crister’s back by posing Mr. Profit as a masked “Contractor” Speaking of Contractor’s, Clarke Kelly outsourced more talent by recruiting three more masked contractors in an effort to take over the Mid Atlantic and East Coast Combative Sports Territories from his home base in tax free Delaware. And one can not speak of Clarke Kelly’s pro wrestling staple without mention of his top “hit man” The man who spews green mist,

SetsuGinsu A RCP34 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

The Asian Assassin Setsu Ginsu Join us on March 18th to see just what is next with Clark Kelly and his goons as Right Coast Pro presents its “Split Decision” Entertainment Event live at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club ( 109 Glasgow Drive, Newark Delaware 19702) This is an all ages, family friendly event so make Saturday Night a Family Night with RightCoastPro. Delaware Athletic Commission Sports Advertising Permit #332

Clarke Kelly A RCP34 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

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