Right Coast Pro Tag Team Championship: 

Hall of Champions – RCP Tag Team Championship The Right Coast Pro Tag Team Championship, and its representative belt, was created to reflect the principles of Yin and Yang. It was also created with the many tactical strategies and mind sets associated with working as a team to accomplish a goal whether it is in Sport, War, Life, Business or Tag Team Wrestling in mind along with the reality and belief there is more than one way to rise, and fall, from victory. The Right Coast Pro Tag Team Championship Belt was manufactured by Randy Jackson of Top Rope Belts Artwork: Jessie Justice of Top Rope Belts Initial Design & Concept: JJ Johnston of Right Coast Pro

Right Coast Pro Hall of Tag Team Champions History

Current Champions: The Krazy Kids

KrazyKids TagChamps2 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

Stride A StrangeHappenings RCP 41 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

BFAmigos KrazyKids 17 StrangeHappenings RCP 41 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

KrazyKids TagChamps3 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

Champions: The Krazy Kids (Slim Jim and Tricky Ricky)

Event: RCP-41 : “Strange Happenings” Delaware Pro Wrestling Event

Championship Reign: 09Dec2017 – Current

: The BF Amigos

BFAmigos A Festivus Five RightCoast ProWrestling Delaware Event

BFAmigos C Festivus Five RightCoast ProWrestling Delaware Event

BFAmigos D Festivus Five RightCoast ProWrestling Delaware Event

Champions: The BF Amigos (Gods Gift Aaron Strike & The Mexican Hardcore Champion Pedro Duro)

Event: RCP-37 : “Festivus 5” Delaware Pro Wrestling Event

Championship Reign: 15July2017 – 09Dec2017

: The Heavyweights

HEAVYWEIGHTS A RCP36 RightCoast ProWrestling Delaware Entertainment Event

TIMTAYLOR B RCP36 RightCoast ProWrestling Delaware Entertainment Event

SEANROYAL A RCP36 RightCoast ProWrestling Delaware Entertainment Event

Champions: The Heavyweights (Heavyweight Sean Royal, Jr. Heavyweight Tim Taylor)

Event: RCP-36 : “Mums the Word” Delaware Pro Wrestling Event

Championship Reign: 13May2017 – 15July2017

Sir Spauldings Savages (Wildlife Cecil Whirlwind) & The Heavyweights (Jr. Heavyweight Tim Taylor)

TagTitle 1 RCP34 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

TagTitle 2 RCP34 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

Champions: Sir Spaulding’s Savages (Wildlife Cecil Whirlwind, Sir Spaulding) & The Heavyweights (Jr. Heavyweight Tim Taylor)

Event: RCP-34 : “Light the Night” Delaware Pro Wrestling Event

*Note: The CEO Mister Crister declared a Split Decision due to a double pinfall

Championship Reign: 14Jan2017 – 13May2017

RCP-33 to RCP-34* Champions: Sir Spauldings Savages

Savages B TagTeam Champions RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

Savages C TagTeam Champions RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

Champions: Sir Spaulding’s Savages (Wildlife William Fitz, Wildlife Cecil Whirlwind, Sir Spaulding)

Event: RCP-33 : “Strange Happenings” Delaware Pro Wrestling Event

Championship Reign: 19Nov2016 – 14Jan2017

RCP-29 thru RCP-33 Champions: The Heavyweights

Heavyweights B TagTeam Champions RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

Heavyweights c TagTeam Champions RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

Champions: The Heavyweights (Heavyweight Sean Royal, Jr. Heavyweight Tim Taylor)

Event: RCP-29 : “Hungry Games” Delaware Pro Wrestling Event

Championship Reign: 23April16 – 19Nov16

RCP-25 Thru RCP-29 Champions: The Baldwin Brothers

Baldwin Brothers B TagTeam Champions RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

Baldwin Brothers C TagTeam Champions RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

Champions: The Baldwin Brothers (Harry, Jerry & Brutus Baldwin)

Event: RCP-25 : “Strange Happenings” Delaware Pro Wrestling Event

Championship Reign: 07Nov2015 – 10Sept2016

The Right Coast Pro Tag Team Championship Belt aka “The Field Marshal Belt” dissected:

Breakdown TagTeam FieldMarshall Belt RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

RCP Logo: Our “Brand” was designed “in house” by RCP founders JJ & Lisa. The RCP Logo possesses a Nordic flair to cleverly and uniquely display the letters RCP while subtly including a “Right” direction to the logo.

Olive Leaf Wreath: In a time where only one winner was recognized, and there was no second or third place awards, the sole victor was awarded an olive wreath which is symbolic for “Men who do not compete for possessions, but for honour”

Main TagTeam FieldMarshall Belt RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” Main Plate Scroll: Engraved within a scroll are the thirteen chapter headings as outlined in Master Sun’s Rules of Warfare manual. Each Chapter outlines a specific tactic needed to operate a successful military, business or athletic campaign. Right Coast Pro’s founder and head coach, as well as this belts designer, considers Sun Tzu’s Art of War a “must read” for all athletes as well as business minded individuals, even those that consider themselves as tree huggers. Truly successful Pro Wrestling Tag Teams have figured out just how to implement these principles for use within the “squared circle” of combative sport.

Main Plate Field Marshals: Engraved are the belt designers pick for Top Military Field Marshals throughout history, ones to be recognized for their ability to overcome diversity, superior tactical expertise, leadership ability, and an ability to accomplish their goals with limited resources. These are traits a pro wrestling tag team must master in order to become an RCP Champion. As with the side plates, the list purposely includes leaders who are historically perceived as both good and evil. Not all the Field Marshals listed on the TRB Proof made it to final engraving, some were substituted leading up to final production in favor of others. When it comes to Tag Team Wrestling, successful teams all possess an extraordinary “Ring General”.

Twin Dragons: Each belt possesses two battling Dragons, one gold and one silver. These Dragons are colored and mirrored on each belt to represent the principles of good and evil, yin and yang. The Dragons are also intertwined to form the symbol of infinity which, in conjunction with the mirroring, reflect the timeless struggle of good vs evil, and that either trait is a matter of public perception.

The White Knight: The White Knight is representative of all that is good and honorable. It symbolizes that of a True Champion, one that rises to victory utilizing chivalric virtues as well as a “Code”. It is a path we hope all RCP Champions and young athletes pursue and represent.

The Black Knight: The Black Knight is representative of those whom seek a different path to victory than that of what we consider True Champions or Heroes. Unfortunately, in the real world not all victors pursue the path of the White Knight. These individuals possess a “win at all cost” type of attitude and are devoid of chivalric virtues. The Yang to the White Knights Yin. The Knights, like the Dragons, are mirrored on each plate to reflect two sides of perception when it comes to good and evil. It also symbolizes an equality in combative strength despite beliefs or tactics. It serves as a real world reminder that all do not play by the rules.  

The Side Plates: These are the belt designer’s picks for the Top 8 Greatest Field Marshals / Generals of all time. They are split into two categories based on historical perception, Good and Evil to reflect the RCP Tag Team Championship’s underlying principle of Yin and Yang. The plates themselves were specifically designed to compliment those on the RCP Heavyweight Championship “Chess Belt”. Each leader has been immortalized on the title belt in the form of a coin, with one of their most famous quotes scribed beneath. Originally the plates were to alternate between silver and gold similar to the dragons, and knights, however this concept was nixed in the early stages due to the owner of Top Rope Belts, Randy Jackson’s recommendation for aesthetic purposes. We think Randy made the right call on this one.

genghis alexander FieldMarshall Belt RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

Genghis Khan: One of history’s greatest rulers. Genghis rose from humble beginnings, showing true leadership abilities by uniting nomadic tribes of the Mongolian plateau. This leadership ability, and knowledge of tactics both on the battlefield and political, contributed to him establishing the largest land empire in history. He is credited for creating the first international postal system, as well as earning the title of “Universal Ruler”.

Famous Quote: “No Honor in Fighting, Only Victory”

Alexander III: Also known as Alexander The Great, He is considered as history’s most successful military commanders. He was undefeated in battle and created one of the largest empires of the ancient world by the age of thirty. He is the measure upon which military leaders compare themselves and his tactics are still taught in virtually every military academy in the world. He is also considered among one of the most influential people in history.

Famous Quote: “There is nothing impossible to him who will try”

JanZizka CrazyHorse FieldMarshall Belt RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

 Crazy Horse: Crazy Horse was a leader and a warrior also never defeated in battle. His claim to greatness is that of a resistance fighter, of which many agree few were as noble as he was in history. While also a military general, Crazy Horse often rode side by side with his warriors in battle showing a fighting spirit equal to none, earning the reputation of the bravest man ever. Though debated, he was believed to be responsible for General Custer’s defeat and death.

Famous Quote: “Hokahey! Today is a good day to die.”

Jan Zizka: Jan Zizka made this list due to his unorthodox and innovative tactics. He was brilliant at knowing, equipping, and utilizing his armies according to their abilities. He is accredited for being the first to utilize field artillery. He is, without debate, one of the greatest military leaders and innovators of all time. His is also one of only a few commanders in history never to have lost a battle.

Famous Quote: “Mystify, Mislead and Surprise the Enemy”

Napoleon Hannibal FieldMarshall Belt RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

Napoleon Bonaparte: One of the greatest military generals in history and also the first emperor of France. Napoleon Bonaparte was a celebrated leader who revolutionized military organization as well as training. He was responsible for the reorganization of education and establishing the Concordat. He had many memorable quotes among which were “I am never angry when contradicted; I seek to be enlightened” and of course the one we chose for the RCP Tag Team Title Belt.

Famous Quote: “Courage Cannot be Counterfeited”

Hannibal Barca: Considered among the greatest military commanders in history, Hannibal Barca was famous for his ability to determine his and his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses while dictating the battle to his strengths and the enemy’s weaknesses. For this reason he is considered among the greatest strategists of all time. He is most recognized in the modern world for his inclusion of war elephants and their march from Iberia over the Pyrenees as well as the Alps into Italy.

Famous Quote: “I will either find a way or make one”

Caesar Patton FieldMarshall Belt RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

 Julius Caesar: Gaius Julius Caesar is remembered as one of the greatest military minds in history along with laying the foundation for the Roman Empire. He conquered all of Gaul utilizing a series of brilliant military campaigns. Caesar was equally successful in his political campaigns as he was militarily. He is characterized by his boldness, decisiveness and his willingness to take risks.

Famous Quote: “Experience is the teacher of all things”

George S Patton: The most debatable of all side plates when it comes to designating the top eight Field Marshals of all time. Opinions vary greatly on Patton, and Hollywood played a large part in transforming him into the American Hero his is now. He had a hard driving personality which contributed to his success as a military leader. George S Patton made this list due to his ability to bull and bully his way to victory. Rightfully on the list of great military commanders, Patton however was not the designers first, second or event third choice to be immortalized on the RightCoastPro Tag Team Belt.

Famous Quote: “If a man does his best what else is there?”

Designers Note: As noted George Patton was not my original choice for a side plate. He was always slated for the main plate, as seen on the proof. Originally this plate was marked to be for Erich Von Manstein, whom I felt should be considered among the greatest military field marshals of all time. However, given the fragility of this world I decided that immortalizing a Nazi Field Marshal on this belt would be too extreme for the general public and our core demographic especially since it will be used as a motivational and educational tool at various events aside from pro wrestling. Before anyone gets upset that Nazi’s are recognized on this belt, remember I have North Vietnamese, and WWII Japanese Field Marshalls listed and my intention with this belt was to signify both good and evil, yin and yang. Manstein did make it to final production upon the main plate.

My second consideration was Admiral Nimitz, whom I also considered among the greatest military minds in history, possibly above that than Manstein. He simply did not make the plate due to being strictly a naval commander and not fitting with the general theme and original intention of being all field marshals. I did however make sure Admiral Nimitz, as well as a couple of other great naval commanders made the main plate.

Third consideration was George Washington, a great military leader, American hero, and a general who overcame tremendous adversity. Washington did not make the list simply because I did not want the belt to mistakenly be labeled as a “penny belt” due to my preference to use of coins within the side plates. George Washington also made the main plate.

I finally decided upon Patton, because of his modern day recognition is still valid among the younger generation, and his ability to simply bull his way to victory which, as it relates to pro wrestling, is a practiced and semi-proven way to gain championships. Among my top eight military Field Marshals of all time, he is not Among my list of great leaders able to overcome adversity and find their way to victory, yes. Presented was a brief insight into my rationale in creating the concept behind the Right Coast Pro Tag Team Championship Belt.

The quotes and Sun Tzu’s tactics are representative of what I, a lifelong athlete, coach, and business owner, feel are worth studying and implementing in your goals to be a successful athlete or business owner. The leaders are worth studying for a variety of reasons, both good and bad.

The primary purpose for creating this belt, as well as the RCP Heavyweight Championship “Chess Belt” were not to recognize Right Coast Pro Champions, that was the secondary intent, it was to be used as educational tools to inspire younger athletes to pick up a book, read about history, and learn how it can help them accomplish their future goals in life whatever those goals may. If it inspires just one kid to greatness, as opposed to sitting in their parent’s basement playing video games till their middle aged years, then my goal will be accomplished.

Huge thanks to Randy Jackson and Jessie Justice of Top Rope Belts for working with me to make my vision a reality.

- JJ Johnston aka JJ the Ring Crew Guy

Co-Founder: Right Coast Pro, Mascot Brigade, and Coast Right Productions

Sergeant at Arms: Renegade Training ™ International

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