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Ms. Jasmine debuted in RightCoastPro as the spokesperson for the faction known as BTY (Better Then You).

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Quickly it became apparent that she was not only the ‘glue’ that kept BTY functioning as a top team, but the leader of these highly skilled and highly ego driven athletes. As the group evolved, so did Ms Jasmine’s wrestling skills. After only a brief period as an active wrestler, Ms Jasmine has proved she too was a force to be wary of within the squared circle, not as a ‘valet’ but as an athlete on equal terms in an industry dominated by male athletes. While she lacks the size, and sheer strength of her opponents, Ms. Jasmine finds success through ‘technique’ and ‘finesse’.

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While being called Number 1 raises controversy and debate both in and out of the locker room, one thing that Brian Johnson is Number 1 at is bringing out the best in his opponents. The air of arrogance he brings to the Right Coast Pro Wrestling locker room pushes athletes to the brink of their potential in an attempt to chip away at Johnson’s overabundance of confidence. Brian Johnson also is the leader of one of RCP’s most feared factions, BTY (Better than You) comprising of Justin Pusser, Adam Chandler and Miss Jasmine.

Ms. Jasmine and her 'Boys', BTY, can be seen wrestling at The Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware for RightCoastPro. Need Tickets? Click Here: Tickets

Ms. Jasmine is a #MascotBrigade approved athlete, be sure to check out Coastee and his adventures in R-World at

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