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Bobby Wayward has repeat-ably made it known that he is in the business of pro wrestling for one thing, to collect as many championships from as many different companies as he can. To date he has backed up his words with action, collecting various independent titles up and down the Right Coast, beating some of the best up and coming talents to get them. However one prize in the sports entertainment world, held in high esteem internationally among the independent wrestling community, has continued to allude his grasp, the RCP Heavyweight Championship.

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Bobby Wayward has come to Right Coast Pro Wrestling in Delaware not for Stiehl Photography’s great pictures, to have his profile plastered on RCP’s website, or to make friends. Untouchable Bobby Wayward has come to the First State to test his abilities in the squared circle against some of the best elite athletic talent on the east coast. Bobby Wayward wants the RCP Heavyweight Championship and does not care who he has to go through to get Delaware’s most prestigious championship and hold the symbolic Top Rope Belts Manufactured Belt over his head in victory.

He possesses the technical skill and solid fundamentals to ‘make it happen’ as the CEO of Right Coast Pro is fond of saying.

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You can catch this show stopper in the squared circle at the new RCP Arena aka the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware on a regular basis. See our home page for upcoming event details as well as event blogs. RCP Pro Wrestling Home Page

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