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Fred Rosser “Mr. No Days Off” comes to Right Coast Pro via the WWE where he was known as Darren Young. Many associate Fred with his time in NXT and with Tag Partner Titus O’Neil as the “Prime Time Players” however Fred is no stranger to professional wrestling in Delaware or the RCP Arena aka The Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club.

Currently Fred Rosser competes for select professional wrestling companies and is pursuing his #blockthehate public speaking career which addresses ‘bullying’.

Several Right Coast Pro family members have worked with and/or competed against Fred Rosser as he perfected his craft among the independent wrestling scene before being hired by the WWE, among them Right Coast Pro Wrestling School head trainers Mozart Fontaine and JJ Johnston.

While Fred Rosser is not on every Right Coast Pro Wrestling Event, he does frequent RCP in Delaware as his busy public speaking career allows. Check back frequently for updated Stiehl Photography of Delaware photographs.

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