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Whenever a roster member or potential roster member needs a little schooling, whether its a lesson in sports etiquette or wrestling mechanics the owners or Right Coast Pro Wrestling in Delaware call upon the services of Matt Striker. Known worldwide as “The Teacher”,

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Matt Striker is RCP’s “go to guy” whenever a pro wrestler’s ego gets a little too inflated. This former WWE, ECW, and current Lucha Underground Super Star has created a reputation for himself as a Teacher / Coach able to humble even the most problematic of combative sports athletes. Formally a High School teacher with a bachelor’s degree in history, and a master’s degree in educational psychology, Matt Striker is more than qualified to earn the moniker of “Teacher” when it comes to professional wrestling, history, or psychology.

Matt Striker A Five RightCoast ProWrestling Delaware Event

Though not on every Right Coast Pro Wrestling Event held at the RCP Arena aka The Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware, Matt Striker does frequent the promotion enough to hold a regular roster spot and be considered one of the ‘family’. Check back frequently for more, great, Stiehl Photography photos.

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You can catch this combative sports show stopper in the squared circle at the new RCP Arena aka the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware on a semi regular basis. See our home page for upcoming event details as well as event blogs. RCP Pro Wrestling Home Page

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