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He is pompous, arrogant and a quite frankly a self indulgent wiener that also proclaims himself to be the French-Canadian ‘Megastar’ of pro wrestling, but he is also a self-proclaimed musician, actor, and descendant of “The Grand Monarch” King Louis XIV. Zachary Pierre Beaulieu claims to be a lot of things and the populace has its doubts on all of his claims, but oddly no one can prove differently.

ZPB has competed in Right Coast Pro since its founding year, as both a singles wrestler and a member of the formidable Monarchy Tag Team. He has the punctuality of Kings, frequenting RCP Pro Wrestling Events in Delaware enough to be considered a staple, and a nuisance, whenever his international travels brings him to his Quebec City Canada Estates. ZPB has all the tools of becoming a champion, the only question is will he focus on becoming a RCP champion or continue ‘wrestling peasants for amusement’ as he puts it. Time will tell, in the meantime check back frequently for updated Stiehl Photography of Delaware photographs.

Zachary Pierre Beaulieu 10 Roster RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

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