Meet the Aesthetic Male, Damian Gibbs, an athlete who not only looks the part put can back it up in the ring. Damian Gibbs has established himself as a respected professional wrestler throughout the Mid Atlantic Pro Wrestling Circuit through hard work, dedication and a passion for his sport of choice, wrestling.

This Right Coast Pro regular is always at the top of the RCP Heavyweight Championship Rankings and deservedly so. With his long blonde locks and headband, the Aesthetic Male Damian Gibbs could pass as a blood relative of David Lee Roth. He shares the same amount of charisma, as well as athletic energy, the older fans of RCP remember seeing in Van Halen’s lead singer of the 70’s and 80’s.

Comparisons aside, Damian Gibbs without a doubt is one of the most athletically gifted wrestlers on the Right Coast today. Do not miss a chance to clap along with this pro wrestling superstar every time he visits Delaware to wrestle for RightCoastPro. Right Coast Pro specializes in bringing Delaware the very best in pro wrestling and entertainment events. All RCP events are family friendly, all ages appropriate. 

You can catch this show stopper in the squared circle at the new RCP Arena aka the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware on a regular basis. See our home page for upcoming event details as well as event blogs. RCP Pro Wrestling Home Page

Damian Gibbs is a Mascot Brigade Approved Athlete, be sure to visit Mascot Coastee’s Playground here: 


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