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King Kaluha aka “The Hawaiian Hurricane" or as the RCP fans like to call him “Pineapple Head” has long since achieved ‘legend’ status in the sport of pro wrestling. He is a wiley veteran who knows every trick in the book and then a few more.

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The most important ‘trick’ he knows, which only experience can teach, is how to win. His ability to find his way atop the podium has made King Kaluha a Championship contender up and down the Right Coast, as well as a perennial hallmark in Pro Wrestling Illustrated PWI 500 annual pro wrestler world rankings.

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He is also a heralded trainer who has trained numerous ‘names’ in the sport of pro wrestling and even has a cameo in WWE talent Mick Foley's "Have A Nice Day" New York Times best seller. King Kaluha and his dreaded ‘pineapple’ can be seen wrestling at The Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware for RightCoastPro. Need Tickets? Click Here: Tickets

Pineapple Head King Kaluha is a #MascotBrigade approved athlete, be sure to check out Coastee and his adventures in R-World at

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