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JJ "The Ring Crew Guy"

JJ Crewguy RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

Rising to Delaware Pro Wrestling Icon status did not happen overnight for this accomplished multi-sport athlete. The journey all started in 1996 for JJ Johnston, who happened to be attending a well respected independent wrestling organization under the ownership of Jim Kettner after suffering a career ending injury in baseball. In short, the professional wrestling ring at the event broke, JJ had the necessary tools to make the repair and the show went on without a hitch and JJ found a new sport of passion.

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From that day on JJ became known as ‘The Ring Crew Guy’ and worked his way through ‘Wrestle Tech’ (A Pro Wrestling School in Newark Delaware) by fixing the promotions equipment, heading up security during shows and of course setting up and breaking down the ring. Fast forward twenty plus years and he is still known as the ‘Crew Guy’ and still fixing rings (which he happens to own now with RightCoastPro.)

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As a wrestler, JJ has earned himself a reputation as being tough as nails and willing to do whatever it takes to stand atop the winners podium with his arm raised high. He detests participant awards, and works diligently to inspire all athletes to rise above this current culture of mediocrity in sport. While his style of wrestling certainly far from ‘technical’ it is effective in getting the job done thanks to a solid professional wrestling foundation developed while training under such legends as Simon Diamond, Glenn Osbourne, JR Ryder and of course Jim Kettner.

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JJ has performed multiple times over his career for the WWE and his currently acts as Director of Operations for Right Coast Pro. JJ also puts his multiple sport training certifications to work training the next generation of pro wrestlers and athletes at the RCP Development Pro Wrestling School.

DMC RED2 RightCoast Pro Coach Johnston

JJ still on occasion laces up the boots to perform at one of his favorite venues of all time, The Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware, from time to time.

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He is also serving as Sergeant at Arms for Renegade Training International where he is an internationally regarded sport trainer specializing in injury prevention and one of less than twelve certified trainers in the heralded DMC™ & Red2™ Health and Fitness programs.

RightCoast Pro Wrestling Coach JJ Johnston

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The accolade JJ is most proud of is that of being a Brigadier General in Coastee’s Mascot Brigade.

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