The Legendary Mozart Fontaine

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Mozart Fontaine Profile RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

He has been called Legendary for a reason.

He has been called Fabulous and a Chick Magnet for a reason.

He is a Right Coast Pro Hall of Fame inductee for a reason.

He is a head trainer for the RCP Developmental Pro Wrestling School in Delaware for a reason.

From the opening notes of ZZ Top’s ‘Sharped Dressed Man’ Mozart Fontaine immediately becomes the center of attention with his magnetic personality & charisma. Once inside the ring of combative sports his athleticism and knowledge command respect of any and every opponent.

Mozart Fontaine 1 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

A true student of the game, Chick Magnet Mozart Fontaine remains a top contender on the East Coast Pro Wrestling Circuit as well as teaching others in the art of pro wrestling as the head trainer of RightCoastPro’s Developmental program. This Chick Magnet does it all, he wrestles, he flies, he dances, he struts and quite honestly leaves athletes wishing they spent more time in the gym and a wrestling school. He elevates the game of every athlete he teams with or competes against. This sharped dressed man is on a mission to cement his legacy in Delaware Pro Wrestling, and for him, Right Coast Pro is the best place to do just that.

Mozart Fontaine 4 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

Look for this RightCoastPro Hall of Famer when RightCoastPro is in action at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club in Delaware. Need Tickets? Click Here: Tickets

The Legendary Mozart Fontaine is a #MascotBrigade approved athlete, be sure to check out Coastee and his adventures in R-World at

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