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Tough as nails and built to fight describes the former bare knuckles fighter and New Castle / Delaware City Fight Club chapter alumni. Nova GT came to Right Coast Pro to challenge his quest for knowledge, as well as mastery, in as many forms of combative sports he possibly can.

NOVAGT D RCP40 KirkwoodSoccer RightCoastPro


To say he is a Combative Sport Addict would be an understatement. While Nova GT is tough and skilled when it comes to ‘street fighting’ he often struggles to remember professional sport has rules, and as he learns the technical side of pro wrestling, in competition often falls back to what fighters call ‘survival mode.’ For Nova GT survival mode is his fists, and in professional wrestling closed fists are a no no.

NOVAGT B RCP40 KirkwoodSoccer RightCoastPro

Nova A OppositeElements RCP42 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

NovaGT A RCP39 TurnBackTime RightCoastProWrestling


Be sure to follow this future pro wrestling superstar, as well as his struggles to learn the sport, at every Right Coast Pro Wrestling Event.

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