The Mexican Hardcore Champion Pedro Duro

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RCP-59 “Strange Happenings 7”

RCP59 PEDRO StrangeHappenings RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

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He is the “Mexican Hardcore Champion” ole! He is Pedro Duro ole! Direct from “South of the Border,” Pedro says he is the roughest, toughest, most extreme hombre this side of the Rio Grande!

Who are we to argue?

PedroDuro 12 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

Pedro also says his fists, as well as his boots, are classified by the FBI, Secret Service and the CIA as deadly weapons.

Again, who are we at RCP to argue?

Despite the deadly weapons upon his personage, Pedro Duro often prefers to “test” his opponent’s fortitude with a variety of weapons that have made him famous over the anos.

PedroDuro 8 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

Lunch boxes, baseball bats, pinatas, even rubber chickens & iphone’s have been known to find their way into RightCoastPro’s wrestling ring whenever this Mexican Pro Wrestling, Lucha Libre, Champion competes. This Hombre is so bad, even his mustache has a gym membership at 1614 Fitness in Bear Delaware of its own. Pedro Duro wrestles internationally, but exclusively for Right Coast Pro wrestling when in the states.

PedroDuro 6 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

Look for the Mexican Hardcore Champion in action at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club in Delaware. Need Tickets? Click Here: Tickets

How we do not know, but Pedro is a #MascotBrigade approved athlete, be sure to check out Coastee and his adventures in R-World at

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