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Perry B RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Festivus Six

Perry A RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Festivus Six

Simply put Perry Von Vicious is an arrogant, self-centered, millennial trust fund baby who can afford to live anywhere of buy his way into any sport or profession.

The stereo typical vision you are a having right now is probably correct, however one thing keeps us from using the term ‘stereo typical’ and that is he is actually quite a talented and gifted pro wrestler. While no amount of athletic skill in the world would be enough to cause anyone to cheer him on, Perry Von Vicious leaves lasting memories with those that attend Right Coast Pro Wrestling Events in Delaware he competes in.

Just like his friend and sometimes tag team partner, Zachary Pierre Beaulieu, Perry Von Vicious has all the tools of becoming a champion, the only question is will he focus on becoming a RCP champion or continue ‘wrestling peasants for amusement’ as he puts it. Time will tell, in the meantime check back frequently for updated Stiehl Photography of Delaware photographs.

You can catch this combative sports show stopper in the squared circle at the new RCP Arena aka the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware on a regular basis. See our home page for upcoming event details as well as event blogs. RCP Pro Wrestling Home Page


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