Wildlife William Fitz

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RCP-59 “Strange Happenings 7”

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We know his name, Wildlife William Fitz. We know he is unpredictable, unorthodox and quite unique to the sporting world of professional wrestling. His wrestling style has no classification other than bizarre. One minute he will be punching, kicking and biting his opponent, the next he will be performing advanced amateur wrestling sequences and pinning combinations. Add in animalistic strength that allows him to manhandle his opponents into the equation, and what you get is one of Right Coast Pro’s most dangerous competitors.

WWF E RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

The only thing holding WWF from being a title holder at RCP is complete lack of understanding, or perhaps disregard, of the rules.

WWF A RUBINO RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware Festivus Event

Rumor has it he is a descendant of the infamous Tarzan and comes to America via South Africa & his manager whom we can only assume taught him how to compete in the squared circle of pro wrestling. What we do know is his exclusive to RightCoastPro and can be caught in action at every RCP Pro Wrestling Community Event.

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