Who are the Chick Magnets?

You know them as the Chick Magnets, but they also have names....

Brian Soscia


Mozart Fontaine


Mike Tobin

Welcome to Right Coast Pro’s Hall of Fame tribute page honoring the Class of 2015: The Legendary Chick Magnets.

ChickMagnets Class 2015 HallofFame RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

The Legendary Chick Magnets, Brian Soscia, Mike Tobin and Mozart Fontaine were inducted into the Delaware Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame on April 11, 2015 at Right Coast Pro’s RCP-20 Hall of Fame Event. The event, as to be expected, was sold out and standing room only with Festivities running through the night.

ChickMagnets D HallofFame RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Included were several “Chick Magnet Moments” that included video call in’s from peers around the world, some of which can be seen here, others due to contractual reasons we cannot share, understandably.

Chick Magnet Moment Featuring Former RCP Head Referee, NXT Referee, and current WWE Official Shawn Bennett along with former Heavyweight and Tag Team Champion "Heavyweight" Sean Royal


Chick Magnet Moment with Simon Diamond of ECW and TNA Wrestling Fame:

Chick Magnet Moment Featuring Independent Wrestling Star Christopher Daniels and Delaware Pro Wrestling Icon Jon Boykin aka Freak Nasty.

Chick Magnet Moment Featuring TNA Star Robbie E and Right Coast Pro’s Courageous Cruz

Chick Magnet Moment Featuring Delaware Pro Wrestling Legend The Cheetah Master, Mike Womer of 1614 Fitness in Bear.

Chick Magnet Moments Featuring members of the Right Coast Pro Wrestling Family


Legendary Independent Wrestling Promoter, and the promoter responsible for giving the Chick Magnets a platform upon which to make names for themselves, Mr. Jim Kettner, graciously performed the induction ceremony at the request of RCP Management. The ceremony in its entirety can be seen here:


This, now famous, trio of wrestlers were a staple on the East Coast Independent Pro Wrestling Circuit from the late 90’s to early 2000’s before branching off to pursue different career interests. The Trio, reunited in 2013 (though they never officially broke up or retired) to compete at Right Coast Pro Wrestling in Newark Delaware.

Though they have made several guest appearances, and still do, at Right Coast Pro their final wrestling match as a team was at RCP’s “Quartus Congrego” Event on June 1, 2013. Their opponents that night are all future RightCoastPro Hall of Famers: Billy Bax, Mr.Upgrade Mike Reed, and Self Made Michael Blake.

Full Match Footage can be seen here:

Other related footage:

Huge thanks to @stiehlphoto for the fantastic pictures. 

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