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The Diamond Mine

Where did I leave off, oh yes, it was 1983 and somewhere along the road the troubled punk kid grew up real fast and began to understand, all of ‘this’ was about something bigger.

Possibly, no probably, it started in the back of my head ten years earlier as a boy dying in a hospital bed and just dreaming of being a part of a team, a boy just dreaming, or maybe it was a teen that was everyone’s consensus ‘trouble’ and not given a chance, or maybe, just maybe, it was the first suggestion of maturity but in some impossible to imagine moment I realised there was a reason I made it through and I had a purpose.


Such a simple word that means so very much and yet so very few decide to have purpose.

What is purpose. Well allow me to explain because it is not about baubles and trinkets or

closing eight or nine figure deals but something, yes, bigger.

Bigger than you can imagine and ways many fail to imagine, yet purpose is the cornerstone, the fabric, of leadership. So the purpose, through my long career, through the many glorious diversions was to use the mantle of leadership for a portal of something greater.

That was my purpose.

Care more, people matter. Give more than you take.


Prepared by John Davies

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