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The Power of the Handshake

Last Friday, as I stood before an eager group of twenty or so young professionals, they ready for my motivational charge and to absorb what experiences I may share, I asked for a brief few minutes and I walked from the stage to introduce myself personally and shake hands with each.

That was the point.

For all the grand technological advances of this era, and please by all means it is a remarkable period in history in which we may connect across the world in a flash, one must never forget to treat each individual as an individual and not an accountant number. Regardless of your business sector, each individual is to be treated with respect and the wise leader listens intently and responds accordingly or lest they will see their role at the helm end.

To this I reminded my group in the marketplace of 2018, and certainly years before, one must listen to their clientele or their clientele will quickly find those that do.

Listen closely, stop shouting your message and engage with your audience with earnest care that proves through action you truly care.

Care more, people matter.


Prepared by John Davies

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