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Sleight of Hand

Welcome, to the new home and I might I add, the final home for my written works.

As my readers have become accustomed to through the many years my choice of topics will range, and amongst ‘the dance’ as wide as one could imagine, there will be a theme. However before I nudge closer and slowly reveal this theme allow me to go back 1983 , months before the start of my career, when I first penned a book.

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It was 1983 that I wrote my first book. In retrospect and with the wisdom that only the years can provide, it was painful journey of a young man finding his way in life and revealing between lines a passion for the uncharted waters that lay ahead. I certainly did know or remotely understand such when I tapped away on my typewriter from midnight to dawn but now, looking back through weary years, I realise that said book was a blueprint for the next thirty-five years.

The horizon, whether storm clouds or warm hues, would call to me and so it did.

Now 2018 and as I embark on this new final frontier of

writing I think it is time to reveal something, albeit I suspect a few already expect, all of ‘this’ was a sleight of hand if you will for something far grander. Whether your first experience reading my work was a book, article or even an interview, there was a path and that path was to lead you to some far greater that what most intended. You see my friends, if you knew me through sport is was never completely about sport, if you knew me through leadership development, it was not purely about leadership and yes, if you knew me through sales, it was not about selling. It was bigger, much bigger.

With that door easing open, it is best hold off revealing everything quite so quickly and simply invite you to our new frontier but with a brief comment you will hear me mention far more in these years to come.

Care more, people matter. Give more than you take.


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Prepared by John Davies

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