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Diet is one of most complex riddles in society today. For as much as we hope and fully aware we as a whole need healthier dietary habits yet modern conveniences effectively ensure failure.

The modern diet in most major developed nations is bound for failure and sadly a near guarantee as the mainstream are conditioned to rely upon processed, takeaway and ‘fast foods’. Couple in the loss of farmland to industry, the degradation of nutrient level in soils, contamination of the water table, environmental damage, burgeoning populations and soaring food costs, this trend will not reverse unless serious efforts are undertaken across the world.

As I noted to a very well known best selling author many years ago, it seems to me that each ‘new scientific finding’, excluding those of course that are merely used to promote the sale of goods, merely validates what every grandmother spoke of ‘in a time long ago’. For those of us old enough to remember, grocers were not always enormous stores with aisle after aisle of processed foods. However since that time, a generation has been conditioned to believe in the ‘efficiency’ of processed ‘foods’ and the ever present ‘takeaway’ was an improvement. Decades later, a new generation is not only dealing with the problematic dietary habits but has little experience in a better quality of life and once common cooking skills are becoming increasingly rare.

To put it simple, ’we’, or at least those of us old-enough to remember what life was like prior to this nonsense, ‘had it all, but through it away‘.

The list of problems is daunting because the concern is not answered merely with ‘what you eat’ but ‘how you eat’. More can be understood of diet with length of meals, size and type of plates, the dinner table and how the kitchen area is cleaned afterwards than merely food choices and paints a far broader picture of quality of life. The solution to dietary problems will not come easily but starts were few consider but once adopted changes life.

Slow life down lest you might find you win the race to ‘the end’.

Restore the family dinner table, take the time whilst there still is time.


Prepared by John Davies

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