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We all start powerful but only the strong will endure. You may have the perfect diet and training plan, but the mind will limit us every time. Why is it you can’t stick to a diet? Or why has your bench max been the same for the last several years.

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Renegade Training Founder John Davies shares 5 mindsets that are setting you back.


Losing before you start

If you ‘see’ failure, invariably you will fail and truthfully winning starts with a ‘winning attitude’. Every champion I have worked with during my career started with a dream that most considerable highly unlikely. ‘See’ success and shift your ‘dream’ into a ‘goal’ with daily objectives.

Fear of taking risks

Great rewards only come to those willing to risk.

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Don’t be accepting of ‘average. Somewhere along the line of a world so fearful of failure it has dipped into a ‘culture of mediocrity’. Only you can decide your future and part of the route requires taking calculated risks. Should ‘risks’ result in temporary failure, respect this is part of the process of goal achievement.

Quick fix solutions

If there is one highly problematic aspect of modern sport coaching it is the suggestion of ‘quick fixes. Nothing of merit happens quickly and in-fact the best approach is often the longest where a great foundation is laid. Rather than search for the ‘quick fix’ consider daily ‘short steps’ towards your goals. In sum these ‘short steps’ will not only help you attain your goals but leave a lasting foundation.

Self-destruction of your goals

Whether conscious or subconscious, many will ‘self-destruct’ their efforts due to poor self-esteem through a variety of lifestyle choices as in the case of diet and alcohol consumption. Don’t ‘self-destruct’ and rather understand the path required to achieve your goals. This isn’t precisely ‘rocket science’ but athletes require a nutritious diet and sufficient sleep, hence do so and don’t ‘self-destruct’.

Fear of work

Work is not to be feared and in-fact part of the lessons of exercise. Daily training should involve challenge and at the completion teaches that a committed effort is not to be feared. Rather than fear challenge embrace the opportunity to overcome obstacles. Each day is a step and each step is closer to your goals.

Sweat more, fear nothing, set great goals and work for everything.

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Prepared by John Davies

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