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Wrestling School RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

Right Coast Pro prides itself in mentoring future leaders and role models.

We offer a number of developmental programs within our professional wrestling school curriculum to create specialists in every aspect of pro wrestling and event production.

Specialist programs include:

Professional Wrestler

Manager / Valet / Sport Agent



Announcer / Interviewer

Sound / Light Technician

Please note: we are selective about program acceptance, and space is very limited.

If you would like to apply for consideration:

1. Follow Directions

2. Be Professional. “Hey” is not a professional way to start a conversation.

3. EMAIL Lisa at – Include: Who are you? How old are you? What program interests you? And athletic background if applicable.

4. PURCHASE a ticket and watch our production firsthand to be sure it is Right for you.

5. At the conclusion of above event, if you feel RCP is Right for you: stick around and request to meet with Lisa AFTER fans have exited arena to the lobby. She will discuss both our expectations and listen to yours and then extend an invitation to train at our school if appropriate.

Good luck, we look forward to working with you in the future.