Ahoy mates, Brigadier General Coastee of the Mascot Brigade, here with my Delaware Championship Pro Wrestling Rankings for October. These rankings are based on a number factors, including an Athlete’s Drive, Determination, and Commitment to achieving their goal of one day being a Right Coast Pro Wrestling Champion. We start with a NEW Top Banana!

Yes, God’s Gift Aaron Stride is once more atop the pro wrestling charts as he regained the RCP heavyweight championship for a third time! Photos are courtesy of from my friend and fellow #MascotBrigade Brigadier Jim Stiehl of Stiehl Photography in Delaware.

Number 1 Contender:Big Gene Snitsky

2. Wrestling’s Man of Steel Chris Steeler

3. “The Definition of a Ring Technician” Harry M Baldwin

4. “The Latin Lover” Chachi

5. “Mr. Intensity” Jerry Baldwin

6. “Legendary” Mozart Fontaine

7.The Asian Assassin Setsu Ginsu

8. “Americas Best” Colton Quest

9. Dealmaker Ruby Rubino w/ Sebastian Night

10. Disco Dave

Current RCP Tag Team Champions: The Heavyweights

Number 1 Contender: BTY : Justin Pusser, Adam Chandler, Brian Johnson, Ms Jasmine

2. The Baldwin Brothers: Harry & Jerry Baldwin w/ Brother Brutus

3. “The Foreign Exchange” King Kaluha & Setsu Ginsu

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