June Delaware ProWrestling Rankings

Massive shake-up in Delaware’s Pro Wrestling and Combative Sports Entertainment Power Rankings following Right Coast Pro’s recent community event hosted by the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware. New Faces, New Contenders, New Champions, and a whole lot of bruised egos

June Delaware Heavyweight Champion ProWrestling HarryBaldwin

“The Definition of a Ring Technician”, RightCoastPro’s Harry M Baldwin climbs to the top of Delaware’s Pro Wrestling Mountain by capturing the RCP Heavyweight Championship.

June Delaware Olympus Champion ProWrestling intensity

“Mr. Intensity” Jerry Baldwin is now RCP’s Olympus Champion

June Delaware TagTeam Champions ProWrestling Heavyweights

“The Heavyweights” prove once and for all they are Delaware’s Best Tag Team!

Who is chasing these leaders into Delaware’s biggest pro wrestling event of the year, Festivus 5 on July 15th?

June 1 Delaware ProWrestling Rankings

 Number 1 Contender: Ruby Rubino with Sebastian Night

June 2 Delaware ProWrestling Rankings

#2 “The Legendary Chick Magnet” Mozart Fontaine

June 3 Delaware ProWrestling Rankings

#3 Bobby Wayward

June 4 Delaware ProWrestling Rankings

#4 The Aesthetic Male Damian Gibbs

June 5 Delaware ProWrestling Rankings

#5 “America’s Best” Colton Quest

June 6 Delaware ProWrestling Rankings

#6 “God’s Gift” Aaron Stride

June 7 Delaware ProWrestling Rankings

#7 “The Asian Assassin” Setsu Ginsu

June 8 Delaware ProWrestling Rankings

#8 The Parisian-Spaniard: Norangé Ocho

June 9 Delaware ProWrestling Rankings

#9 “The Richest Man in Haiti” Brian Profit

June 10 Delaware ProWrestling Rankings

#10 “The Genuine Article” Shawn Donavan

June 11 Delaware ProWrestling Rankings

#11 Disco Dave

June 12 Delaware ProWrestling Rankings

#12 “The Heavyweight” Sean Royal (Tag Team)

June 13 Delaware ProWrestling Rankings

#13 “Jr Heavyweight” Tim Taylor (Tag Team)

June 14 Delaware ProWrestling Rankings

#14 “The Latin Lover” Chachi

June 15 Delaware ProWrestling Rankings

#15 Sir Spaulding’s Savage Wildlife William Fitz aka WWF (Tag Team)

June 16 Delaware ProWrestling Rankings

 #16 Sir Spaulding’s Savage Wildlife Cecil Whirlwind aka WCW (Tag Team)#16 Sir Spaulding’s Savage Wildlife Cecil Whirlwind aka WCW (Tag Team)

June 17 Delaware ProWrestling Rankings

#17 “Krazy Kid” Slim Jim (Tag Team)

June 18 Delaware ProWrestling Rankings

#18 “Krazy Kid” Tricky Ricky (Tag Team)

June 19 Delaware ProWrestling Rankings

#19 JJ “The Crew Guy”

June 20 Delaware ProWrestling Rankings

#20 “The Mexican Hardcore Champion” Pedro Duro

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 Striker Wayward Web BannerFestivus Five RightCoast ProWrestling Delaware Event

“Festivus 5” – July 15, 2017

Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club, 109 Glasgow Dr & Rt 40 Newark, Delaware.

Doors open at 6:15pm - Belltime 7pm


All Tickets will be $20 at the door!

CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE! Delaware Advertising Permit #343

We support local businesses, do you?

1614Fitneess 250 RightCoastPro Wrestling Delaware

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